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Windows Phone 7 Maps and Missing Directions

January 4th, 2011 by Patrick S

Pro Tip… 😛

Recently I purchased a shiny new HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7 Device… I have been fairly happy with the operating system overall (Even if it is the first release) however recently I managed to stumble across a missing feature of the Bing Maps application, Directions.
The feature isn’t missing per say it’s just hidden to people from particular locales (e.g. New Zealand for me)

To enable the feature (and actually make the application useful) do the following:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone
  2. Select Region & Language
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Browser & Search Language”
  4. Set value to English (United States) or English (United Kingdom)
  5. Exit out of Settings and open your Maps application – you’ll see a new icon in the bar at the bottom (Looks like an arrow) – Select this and enter your Start and End points
  6. You’re good to go

I Don’t know why Microsoft decided to exclude some countries – especially since navigation works fine in those countries if you use a different locale. Either way – it fixes the problem without any real headaches.


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Windows Live Mobile Messenger & The Mysterious Trial Period…

January 9th, 2008 by Patrick S

Yesterday (and possibly the day before) a lot of commotion was caused when people started getting “Trial Period” notices appearing when using Windows Live Mobile Messenger.
The message read the following (image):

“Hello! Starting today, your 30 day trial period beings. By selecting OK you acknowledge that your use of Windows Live services continues to be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Data charges from your mobile operator, including roaming fees may apply for using the Windows Live services. At the conclusion of this trial, you will be given the option to purchase a 30 day pass.”:

Here is what actually happened: Microsoft rolled out a direct-to-consumer billing service for the Windows Live client on Nokia S60’s in the UK and Sweden. The only problem was that not just Nokia S60 users got the message but everyone using the Live Service.

As you may know, we offer Messenger services through mobile operators on lots of handsets, not just Windows Mobile. Traditionally, customers have been billed by their mobile operators for many of these services, either directly or through their data package.- Matt Champagne, director of Windows Live mobile services.

Microsoft are considering adding the “direct-to-consumer billing service” to everyone in the future the finial decision has not been made yet.

So…If you were on a Windows Mobile device and not a Nokia S60 and received the message by accident-ignore it!

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Zumobi – Stop Surfing, Start Zooming!

January 4th, 2008 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

Zumobi, the mobile startup spun off from Microsoft Research, has launched its first beta. The Zumobi lets you access, enjoy, and share web-based content on your mobile phone in an innovative, new way. The Zumobi software presents a unique way to access content, with a grid of sixteen tiles that you can zoom in and out of, and the tiles acting as widgets that display web-based content.
Currently, mobile browsing goes something like this…

    1. Either you navigate through a list of web sites pre-loaded on your phone, navigate through static bookmarks, or maybe even attempt to type in a long URL with your thumbs. Ugh.

    2. Now that you’ve chosen your content, wait while it loads. And wait. And wait.

    3. Ok, site loaded. Read a few lines and scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down, deeper into the abyss searching for what you wanted buried somewhere in all that content. Tedious. Often frustrating.

    4. Rinse, repeat.

Ultimately, it’s an underwhelming experience.

Enter Zumobi. Beta Launch Video On YouTube

Welcome to Zumobi!

They are also recruiting Beta Users, To participate in the Zumobi Beta you’ll need the following:
Zumobi Tiles create a solution through which advertising and marketing communications are highly contextual and personalized.

  • A U.S.A. mobile phone number
  • A data plan with your mobile phone service provider (we strongly recommend this be an unlimited data plan)
  • A mobile phone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6

While Zumobi is compatible with most phones running Windows Mobile 5 or 6, we have certified and recommend the following devices for optimal performance:

  • Motorola Q
  • Samsung Blackjack 1.0
  • HTC Dash
  • HTC Touch

Of course, you are also welcome to download and test Zumobi on other Windows Mobile 5 or 6 phones, but we have not fully certified these phones yet and cannot guarantee an optimal experience. Additional certified phones will be added frequently, so please check our website for the most current list of devices.

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“Your Text Message Cannot Be Sent” – says your Windows Mobile phone

December 22nd, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

All of a sudden, when I try to send out SMS/Text messages using my Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone, it gives me the error message “Your Text Message Cannot Be Sent”.

The following are the possibilities on how to resolve it:

  • Check that the Message center no # is correct. (Use the Data Connection to reset it)
  • Ensure that the phone has enough space <– I found out that my Flash Memory has 0.00Mb left, and on deleting files from the flash memory, sending of SMS works again.
  • Hard reset your phone if all fails 😛

Windows Mobile roxxxx!

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Windows Mobile Users: Join the Circle!

July 11th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

New activity from Microsoft to help customers, who already own Windows Mobile phone. Apart from manufacturers (see for example HTC e-Club) also Microsoft itself is contributing to end-user support.

There are a lot of very smart reasons people choose Windows Mobile phones – and a million (or more) ways we use them.

But, whether you’re looking to be more productive at the office, organize your personal life, stay better connected, or simply have more fun with your phone, the Windows Mobile Owners Circle is designed with you in mind. With your free membership, you get immediate access to an extensive (and ever-growing, ever-changing) selection of benefits including free ringtones, free wallpapers, free games, free productivity software, free member help, help forums, a monthly newsletter and more. The Circle is here to help you.

To learn more or to join, click here.

Crdit: Abdul Via

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What’s HTC way to counterattack iPhone by Apple?

June 6th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Remember the announcement by Apple about iPhone ( on January 9th, ’07 ( In the announcement, Apple said iPhone will be launched on June 2007 to US, and iPhone brought a lot of hype to the industry.

It is now June and HTC has announced that HTC has revealed a new Touch phone, called HTC Touch!

What do you have to say about HTC Touch? HTC Touch runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional (Pocket PC + Phone edition), the latest and greatest from Microsoft (Although I don’t quite see much difference compared to Windows Mobile 5). It is just a clone “touch” interface from iPhone. But IMO, I still feel iPhone wins when it comes to the design and style.

More information can be found here:

Official website for HTC Touch is over at:

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First look at the Windows Live Mobile Web Messenger

December 1st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

It’s actually been there for a while – MSBLOG reported on it back in mid-September but it’s now in public beta for all you techys and newbies to try out. Here’s a few compiled screenshots of it – click to enlarge.

Visit on a mobile device:



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Messenger experiencing backend problems

November 15th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker


Windows Live Messenger (8.0 and 8.1) and MSN Messenger (7.0 and 7.5) may experience some connectivity issues. Those using Windows Messenger 5.1 for Windows XP should not experience these problems as they reside on a seperate smaller server. These can include:

  • inability to sign-in
  • inability to sign-out unless fully exiting the Messenger application
  • sending messages to others (though messages can still be received)
  • sending handwriting messages, Nudges and Winks

This does seem to be a non-localised issue, affecting a good proportion of the world who uses Messenger. This should be resolved in the next few hours give or take. The same issue happened a few days ago but wasn’t reported on the Windows Live Support site because it was resolved within the hour.

Just bare with it guys – although a lot of us can’t use Messenger at the moment, it’s leading up to the release of the Windows Live Mobile Messenger client… that’s most likely the problem at the moment. Hang in there – it’ll get fixed soon and we’ll have something else to play with afterwards 🙂

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Slam 1.0 Release!

October 10th, 2006 by Patrick S

The Slam team is pleased to annouce the first release of Slam: your Windows Mobile social software client and service. Slam allows users to make and manage social groups right from their phone for group-based messaging and photo sharing. You can also use Slam through the SMS and/or web interfaces.

See screenshots and learn more about Slam on the about Slam webpage, and get started your self by downloading the installer or having a link sent to your phone.

Source Slam blog

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Windows Media Player 10 Mobile – erm, what?

October 8th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Windows Mobile 5.0 devices (which the new operating system I despise because it’s just the epitome of crap) have Windows Media Player 10 Mobile on by default which offers apparently a whole load more for Windows Mobile devices… other than the new skin (sure..) but I want it, and I’m not gonna spend a whole load of money on a new Windows Mobile 5.0 device because I hate the operating system on it. But look at what I found…


That to me, says that Windows Mobile 2003 SE can have Windows Media Player 10 Mobile on it… but where the hell is it? I’ve never seen a download and/or a Windows Mobile 2003 SE device with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile on it… and I want it!! Any ideas anyone?

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Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista Now Available

October 7th, 2006 by Patrick S

Windows Mobile Program Manager Mel Sampat tells us that Windows Mobile Device Center (Beta 3) is finally here for Pubic. The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center Beta enables you to set up new partnerships, synchronize content and manage music, pictures and video with any Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 powered device. The Windows Mobile Device Center Beta is only supported on Windows Vista RC1.

Features Include:

  • Streamlined setup – A simplified new partnership wizard and improved partnership management.
  • Robust synchronization – Synchronization of business-critical data such as e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, favorites, and files.
  • Photo management – Picture management helps you detect new photos on your Windows Mobile powered device, tag and import them to the Windows Vista Photo Gallery.
  • Media synchronization – Use Microsoft Windows Media Player to synchronize and shuffle music files on your device.
  • File browsing – A new device browsing experience enables you more quickly browse files and folders and open documents on your device directly from your PC.
  • Enhanced user interface – A simple and compelling user interface helps you to quickly access critical tasks and configure your device. 

The Windows Mobile Device Center Beta is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

Head over to the Windows Mobile Device Center webpage at to download!
Source: Vista blog

Windows Mobile Device Centre-Beta 3- For Vista RC1+

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Live gone mobile

September 12th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Mobile has been in beta now for over a year, and although you can reach it on any desktop machine and see your personalised content, what about mobile devices? For a long time, I thought that Mobile Live would simply be (see screenshot) but even I thought wrong. That’s the public MSN portal showing off the public Windows Live mobile services such as Windows Live Mobile Mail and Windows Live Mobile Spaces, but that’s it…

Mobile is here, but not quite ready yet. However it’s still fun to play with in the meantime. You’ll be able to see the content which you’ve personalised from viewing on your desktop computer, you’ll be able to see your Live Mail, your Live Space as well as other gadgets that you’ve added such as RSS feeds. Live Web Search will be embdedded but also let you search Live Local for local businesses and stuff.

At the moment, the only way to access it is via and it has to be typed that way otherwise it’ll take you straight to Live Ideas. You can see it on a desktop computer, as well as your mobile device. Soon it’ll have the hotspot locator in-built (which is pretty stupid seeing as you’ll need a hotspot/Internet access to view it), but you’ll also be able to see all the other things that you previously had access to with the MSN Portal such as news, money, weather and entertainment.

Here’s some screenies I took a little bit ago – click to enlarge 🙂

Mobile Messenger
That’s right, there’s even going to be a Mobile Web Messenger. As some of you know, Windows Live Messenger 8.1 will be in beta next week, Windows Live for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices is in beta and lets you access Messenger on your phone as an application… now they’re extending it that little bit more so that anyone with a mobile device can access Messenger from anywhere.

It’s a web Messenger basically and it’s certainly far from complete, because so far it’s very much a “hush hush” project, but as per usual, I’m here to blow the trumpet on everything that’s going on 😛

The images aren’t set yet, and the functionality is a bit crap, but it’s basically Messenger but on your mobile web browser – it even signs you out of Messenger when logged on to it from a desktop computer. You can interact with your contacts, see who’s on and who’s not and eventually you’ll be able to see their status in the form of an image.

You can access it here on your mobile device – has to be typed exactly like this otherwise it’ll redirect to Windows Live Ideas:

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How many Windows Live services are there?

August 15th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Quote – Just How Many Windows Live Services Are There: Microsoft Watch

“Microsoft officials say there are 20 Windows Live services available in beta and/or final versions. But it looks like the real count is in excess of 40. And that’s not including a number of Live services which Microsoft has yet to acknowledge, but sources say are in the pipeline. There are more Windows Live services than meet the eye.”

Oh Mary  So naive… but she’s not wrong, and that’s coming from a semi-Microsoft official. September’s gonna be a nice squishy month for you Live addicts… pay special attention to which categories this entry lies in… there’s a lot of them

Edit: don’t ask me to go into specifics, you know I can’t. Just bide your time, sit quietly and I’ll let you know as soon as things become available – I’m just stirring hype in this entry.

Edit: As of 20th August, there are officially 42 Windows Live services in total.

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MSBLOG Exclusive: Windows Live Spaces goes mobile

August 13th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

This seems to have been unseen everywhere else on the web, but believe it or not, Windows Live Spaces has been upgraded for mobile users. I use my mobile device a lot (running Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition, Second Edition) using wireless capabilities, and I regularly check out the mobile version of the Live pages. Although there’s a lot to be changed, and it’s still along the lines of “MSN” and not “Windows Live” (see this screenshot)

There’s a new logo, and thats about it. That’s pretty much the only change within the entire interface from a few days ago when it was still MSN Spaces. Nevertheless, it’s still cool and I like some of the changes they’ve done… well I like the new logo anyway, seeing as that’s all that’s changed.

Access Windows Live Spaces for mobiles:
1) Go to in your mobile web browser
2) Sign in using your Windows Live ID credentials
3) Click on “MSN Spaces – updated”

Alternatively, check out any Space by using the address in your mobile browser:

Click for a larger screenshot

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Virtual Earth Mobile/Windows Live Local Mobile – pffft, same thing

August 1st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

OK at the moment it’s Virtual Earth Mobile, but as we all very much know it’s going to be Windows Live Local Mobile, and as Chris from Liveside reports (and look, yeh he is the Windows Live god, seeing as even he gets to find out more stuff before I do and I’m working with the guys…) there’s a whole wave of Live stuff coming for mobile devices. This will include a mobile optimised version of with Messenger and Spaces integration as well as other lovely magimical stuff 🙂

Anyway, the Windows Mobile lot have released over the last couple of days the latest Virtual Earth Mobile client which you can do loads of cool stuff, very much like what you can with Windows Live Local. You can set and make driving directions, you can view aerial and road maps, you can even locate yourself using GPS (if you have one attached, and it’s down to the metre on the map) or Wi-Fi (which isn’t accurate generally and will usually pick up your data center or ISP)… it’s great, it really is.

Here’s some screenies for you to enjoy 🙂 Click to expand.

Oh, and here’s the locating function as well – I don’t have or particularly want a GPS system so I’ll make do with showing you my data center below 😛

 View the blog entry regarding Virtual Earth Mobile here
 Download the CAB file directly (copy to your mobile device, open it, then run the app)
 Download .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (required for use, generally not installed by default)

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