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Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) Display Emulator Beta

March 9th, 2006 by Patrick S

So as not to takes Zack’s awesome post out of view ill make this short,

For all you Origami fans (and future dev’s) Microsoft have released a Display emulator for the UMPC. So you can see how applications behave on the system. (It gives a nice close-up glimpse of the handheld too)

Check it out here

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This is the bit where I say “I told you so”

March 9th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker


We have come to light of some information – Microsoft “Origami” is a new device of which will rival the Sony PSP, the iPod and other devices. It will be a handheld device of which can be physically manipulated to take different shapes and forms (nothing out of Star Trek, just folding a few times… we think) and will be able to play games, play music, connect wirelessly via Wireless Protocol and possibly Bluetooth.

OK that was right – minus the bit about the physical manipulation, however it will end up coming in different devices, shapes, styles, that probably will end up being physically manipulated – slide open, swivel open perhaps?

I got a lot of stick about writing the original post (which was an exclusive may I add, because nobody else had gutted up to being bold and open about it as I did). Anyway, Microsoft have indeed updated the and let rip a whole load of things about it.

Not sure about the operating system – we’ve seen some images running Windows XP, although the edition is unknown, probably Tablet PC Edition. However with Vista on the looms, I’m sure we can see that being supplied with the “Origami” device.

That was also right :p It’ll be running Windows XP, perhaps a new version, but we will be seeing the Microsoft Touch Pack which shall be a new addition to the device. There are loads of bits of information about it spread over the Internet, but here’s some links which find the best of the best – straight from the source 🙂

Origami Project – latest Flash installment
Origami Project – UMPC Main Page
Microsoft UMPC Page

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