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Quick apology

October 30th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Very sorry for the downtime over the last day or so – basically we’re too popular and too many people visit us and it maxed out our bandwidth. Or quite possibly, I’m putting images in most of my blog entries and that’s eating up the bandwidth.

A lesson to be learnt by all… so yeh, very sorry for the downtime and we’re back up and running (yay!) so rechurn your RSS feeds, get back into the schedule, we’ll have more stories over the next few days.


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Daniel Lai-Asia MVP Best Practice of the Month

September 29th, 2006 by Patrick S

Our very own Daniel Lai from MSBLOG was just awarded the “MVP Best Practice Of The Month” Award for his Training Guide on Business Desktop Deployment 2007.

Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Beta 1 aims to be the best practice guidance on how to optimally deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system. It was spreading out across 6 technical websites including Microsoft newsgroups and TechNet Blog

Daniel has many achievements under his belt-he has written an adv training guide, been invited to deliver internal training to MSFT employees and even teaches Hong Kong MSFT epg Employees on Vista Development 

We here at MSBLOG are proud to have a good friend such as Daniel who strives to be the best…For that we congratulate him-Well Done Daniel and keep em coming!

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Happy Birthday …

September 23rd, 2006 by Kristan M. Kenney

Happy Birthday… ack, what’s the name of the guy that’s celebrating the birthday today… hmm, Jack? no… that can’t be it.. Crack? Oh no wait, drugs are bad… mmmkay… oh, oh, I know!



Ok… see this guy? Now HES on crack 😛

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September 12th, 2006 by Patrick S

Zack just released his application and I felt left out (well not really) so I thought it time to launch, we here at MSBLOG have received thousands of spam comments/emails from bots daily regarding all sorts of topics (drugs, casino deals, porn and who knows what else) and to be honest I got SICK of it. So what to do to stop this problem or make some sort of influence… fight fire with fire of course 😛 . Introducing

The idea is simple and probably not that original. Using PHP we generate 500 random email addresses to domains that don’t exist. The idea is that email crawling robots index this page and begin to send out emails to these “people on our/your mailing list” to addresses that don’t exist in theory wasting the robots bandwidth, CPU cycles and time in the process.

Although the amount of resources that the bot will waste is minimal it is still an annoyance and a way for the common user to fight back. Perhaps the bots will learn a lesson and stop crawling this page or even yours!

So feel free to link to that page the bot will stumble across it while it crawls through all your pages and get a rude surprise.

 < -- you can use this image if you wish to link to the page (please upload it to your own server and not mooch off ours!) You can find the link to ANTI spam here at .

Patrick S (sorry for the doubble post i deleted the old one by accient)

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MSBLOG – Where we’re standing in the online community

August 24th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Just thought I’d share a little love and tell you guys how well you’re doing in keeping us up and going 🙂 Obviously not all the hits will add up to the overall count, but this is just a poi-pourri of statistics of which shine through the dark and misty haze of numbers.

(from January 2006-present)
Total unique visitors: 208,224
Number of visits: 390,558
Pages viewed in total: 1,362,939
Hits in total: 11,387,102
Bandwidth used: 104.90 GB

Top countries to view MSBLOG
United States – 828,226 hits
Australia – 67,452 hits
Europe – 65,509 hits
Great Britain – 41,616 hits
Germany – 25,511 hits

Top search robots to view MSBLOG
Googlebot – 23,178 hits    (yay Google! :))
Inktomi Slurp – 8,554 hits
MSNBot – 5,154 hits
EchO! – 3,867 hits

How long people stayed on MSBLOG for
1 hour onwards – 3,861 hits (6.9%)
30 mins – 1 hour – 2,724 hits (4.8%)
15 mins – 30 mins – 1,407 hits (2.5%)
5 mins – 15 mins – 1,734 (3.1%)

Top 5 operating systems to view MSBLOG:
Microsoft Windows – 1,231,827 hits (93.8%)
Apple Mac OS X – 15,648 hits (1.1%)
A varient of Linux – 11,309 hits (0.8%)
Symbian (mobiles) – 33 hits (0.01%)
Sun Solaris – 29 hits (0.01%)

Top 6 web browsers to view MSBLOG:
Microsoft Internet Explorer – 872,350 hits (65.4%)
Mozilla Firefox – 324,728 hits (24.3%)
Opera – 32,654 hits (2.4%)
Safari – 8,502 hits (0.6%)
Netscape – 5,678 hits (0.4)

Most ways people actually connect to MSBLOG:
Directly from address/favourite: 193,530 hits (37.4%)
Linked from a search engine: 14,623 hits (2.8%)
   – 1. Google
   – 2. Google Images
   – 3. MSN Search
   – 4. Yahoo! Search
   – 5. Dogpile

Top 10 referring sites from the Ye Olde Blogosphere:
1. –
2. –
3. Our old domain name –
4. StumbleUpon –
5. Tweakers –
6. CNBeta –
7. Neowin –
8. Feeds2 –
9. The Hotfix –
10. Wikipedia –

Top 5 keyword groups used to access MSBLOG from a search engine:
1. microsoft private folder
2. flight simulator x beta
3. vista beta 2 product key
4. msblog
5. vista 5472

Top 5 actual keywords used to access MSBLOG from a search engine:
1. vista
2. windows
3. private
4. folder
5. beta
6. microsoft
7. key
8. live
9. xp
10. 5472

Users added MSBLOG to their favourites or bookmarks:
Estimated between 21,607 users and 24,064 users

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The big upgrade is here

August 10th, 2006 by Kristan M. Kenney

This is just a note to let everyone know that is undergoing some maintenance as we upgrade everything and put some wicked new stuff in place. 🙂

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Well, here we are…

August 7th, 2006 by Kristan M. Kenney

Hello everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kristan Kenney (you may also know me as “Nighthawk”), I’m a Microsoft technology evangelist and a beta tester on numerous Microsoft beta programs.

I’ve been a poster here at for a short period of time on and off, but never really posted enough to know I was still alive. A lot of things happened within the past week and I had to decide the fate of, my former website. Allow me to explain.

I don’t own the domain, or the hosting associated with it. Sam Haghgoo handed the domain and hosting over to me for me to run digitalfive after he did not want to run it any further. Unfortunately, there have been so many downtime incidents and problems within the last week (server went down repeatedly, followed by DNS issues at the domain level) that I couldn’t rely on digitalfive any longer. While these issues have been fixed as of last night, it is still unacceptable.

So, it fell down to what I wanted to do. Close up shop and just quit blogging all together? No, that’s not my style. I enjoy publishing technical documentation and guides to help make anyones computing life easier. I have a passion for technology like no other and giving up on something that I enjoy so much would be going against everything I stand for.

This morning I decided after talking to Patrick Squire, Zack Whittaker, Jabez Gan, and Patrick Elliott about the ideas I had to do with digitalfive. Patrick Squire wanted to share the forum with digitalfive; I decided to share all of digitalfive with MSBLOG.

You won’t be seeing digitalfive run by me any more. There is a chance that Mr. Haghgoo will take control of it again, which doesn’t really bother me. All of digitalfive’s current content will more than likely be brought over to MSBLOG in some way, shape, or form. The utilities and homebrew applications will most likely be available here at MSBLOG as well. Everything hasn’t been transitioned yet, but the dust should settle some time this week.

To the readers of digitalfive and MSBLOG alike, I’m not “selling out”; hell, I’m also a blogger at (and just because I’m here doesn’t mean I have to stop posting everywhere, I live by the rule of sharing knowledge, remember?). Think of it this way – I’m just moving somewhere that I can provide my publications without everything randomly becoming unavailable, I’m interested in enhancing the quality of MSBLOG and taking things to the next level.

… Speaking of Next Level, if anyone remembers, I used to be an Administrator at a well known technology forum that was run by Cody Goodman, and then was later handed down to Chris Holmes and I to run; and that forum closed up shop almost a good 6 1/2 to 7 months now. Well, if you take a good look at the MSBLOG menu bar you will notice “MSBLOG Forum”. Expect to see a good amount of change at the forum, I really want to get a good discussion area going for all you readers, and I’m going to try my hardest to do that.

I’d like to once again say thank you to everyone for welcoming me here and stay tuned for some great content from the MSBLOG team!

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Offical Press Release Regarding Aquisition

August 7th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

LONDON, United Kingdom – Aug 7, 2006:
Today, respected and worldwide reknown blogger and technology evangelist, Kristan M. Kenney from, closes his doors after the aquisition by MSBLOG under a joint decision between Mr. Kenney, and the main majority of the MSBLOG team. digitalfive will no longer be updated, but Kristan’s efforts will now be targeted and his knowledge used on MSBLOG.

We are incredibly grateful to have Kristan as part of our team, and we appreciate his knowledge and his understanding of the technology community. Although Kristan will no longer update digitalfive, the website will collapse on the 23rd August. This will be a sad loss to the technology blogosphere, however the spirit of digitalfive will remain here.

Refer: Press Release

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MSBLOG Forum ONLINE (again)

August 2nd, 2006 by Patrick S

Just a quick note: The MSBLOG Forum is back up and running again…We decided to start from scratch again because of database issues. If you were a member and wish to sign up again please visit and make it a buzzing place 🙂

Patrick S

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Protected: MSBlog’s announcement

July 20th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Correction of URL for Windows Workflow Foundation Resources page in

July 13th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

I am going to be guest speaker for Microsoft HK to the ISV about Windows Workflow Foundation. The first sign come to my mind that I should go to search the information is

But then I found out that the URL in the Resources Tab under Windows Workflow Foundation is incorrect and it only redirect you to the default page of the Windows Workflow Foundation in MSDN site After I look carefully at the redirect URL link, I would like to correct them here and I wish Windows Workflow Foundation team could update them.

1) Introducing Windows Workflow Foundation by David Chappel



2) Getting Started with Windows Workflow Foundation by Dino Esposito



From the above sample correction, you may found out 2 points and you could apply for other resource link,
1) changing from into

2) changing WWF into WF only. In the past Microsoft is naming Windows Workflow Foundation as WWF, but somehow reason, now Microsoft only called it as WF only.

Useful Links:    


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Search Plugins for IE-Part 2

July 6th, 2006 by Patrick S

Upon entry to MSBLOG today you may have noticed (or may not) the search bar at the top right of the page in IE7 (if installed). Note the change in color of the arrow on the side of the magnifying glass to yellow.
The gleam of the arrow means that you can add MSBLOG to your search providers-This feature is not that new, but not many people really know about it-let alone how to implement it on their site.
Microsoft has documented this on their MSDN website…but i thought i would go one step further and write a more simplified tutorial…
(on a side note Dennis wrote about a similar feature a couple of months ago using the registry on the local computer to add search providers.)

This search feature is comprised of two main parts:

  1. A link within the header of your site(s) defining the type of script and a direct path to your XML script
  2. And the XML script itself-This mainly describes the search string and where to link to when the user hits search.

 Lets Get Started…

First things first lets write that XML script-I will show a less detailed script but the user can go into detail using things like multiple Parameters etc.
Ok, My demo script looks like this…







It pretty self explanatory but ill try describe it as best i can… Here I have added a description of the search, a name for the search and a contact email if it was queried. The template is MSBLOG’s search URL, the search term is added in the correct place (for this is where the keywords are inserted)

I then insert a couple of lines of code in the header of your template, linking to your XML template in which ever directory you have uploaded it to your server (here it is in the root directory)
html insert template

Now take a look at your home page…it should the little magnifying glass arrow to the right should be glowing yellow. If you drop that menu down there will be a gold star (sort of like the messenger “gleam” icon next to your page name (what you wrote in the short name field in your XML script).

And we’re done…Who ever visits your site now will see this cool feature that is simple to add and works a charm…Be the first to have it 🙂


finished look


Any Question’s or comments are welcomed :D-Feel free to add MSBLOG to your search providers also 😉
Made with help from Documentation located from the following Pages…HTML and DHTML Overviews/Tutorials (MSDN) & A9’s OpenSearch 1.1: Description.

Patrick S

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MSBLOG Pocket-PC Edition

July 3rd, 2006 by Patrick S

Lately in the news there seems to be a lot of talk about PocketPC’s and PDA’s in General. Pocket PC’s are a growing market so I took it upon myself to add Pocket PC functionality to MSBLOG.

When you go to on your Palm, WindowsCE, Pocket device etc you will now be automatically redirected to You will be able to check latest posts, Archived news and even comment all from your mobile device. 🙂

Hope you enjoy MSBLOG Mobile Edition-now you can get tech news from us bogglers anywhere.
Let me know what you think…
Patrick S

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SearchBox Plugins for IE7 by

May 28th, 2006 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

Today we present you our first two plugins for the new Internet Explorer 7 SearchBox feature.

1) The first add-in is a English to German and vice versa translator with a integrated dictionary. It’s based on I came across it last week and because everyday I’ll talk to much english-speaking people like readers/members and betatesters too, it’s a very helpful service for me. I thought how can I use it in my daily work without accessing the site everytime I’ll want to translate something. Then the new Internet Explorer 7 SearchBox feature came across my mind. 🙂
So I started searching the Windows Vista Registry to find the corresponding registry keys for the SearchBox feature. While writing this posting I used it very often to find the right words I didn’t knew before. Maybe we have some german-speaking readers who will find it a bit useful. Add-in



2) The second one is especially for Sometimes I want to find some older news/postings on without loading the entire website every time. So guess what I could use for it? Yes, the SearchBox feature of Internet Explorer 7! 😀 Add-in



Download: SearchBox Plugins for IE7 by Size: 467 Bytes


Maybe you want to write your own plugin to use i.e. instead of
Here is a short description how to achieve it:

1. Install the lastest Windows Vista beta OR Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP.
2. Open the registry editor by pressing Windows + R, enter regedit and hit enter.
3. Move to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes
4. Right click on SearchScopes and click on New -> Key and name it i.e.
5. On the right side right click again then create a new String
6. Name it DisplayName, then double click it and enter the name which should show up in Internet Explorer 7, i.e.
7. Again create a new String and name it URL
8. Double click the URL and enter your address which will receive the search content you enter in the SearchBox of Internet Explorer 7. It could like this:{searchTerms}
9. The variable {searchTerms} will be replaced with the content you enter into the SearchBox and then send with the complete URL to a tab of your window.
10. Close the registry editor to and close all open Internet Explorer 7 windows to activate it.

Overall I have written two very small plugins to have those features integrated into my Internet Explorer 7.
Atleast I hope some of you find them a bit helpful too.
Tell me your opinion, suggestion, positiv and of course negativ critisism too via WLM or the comment function.


Dennis Fraederich [MCP], a Microsoft Betatester
Contact on WLM: mcgiga[at]

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Patrick E made it safe and sound to Redmond.

May 12th, 2006 by Patrick S

Since Patrick E won’t be round here for a while (while he works in his new Job at Microsoft in Seattle as a Software Test Engineer II for the Windows Longhorn / Vista Beta Team) I have taken it upon myself to let you know that Patrick E has made it to Redmond safe and sound.

Patrick starts on Monday so if you are a Windows Vista beta tester do him a favour and bombard him with bugs 😉

-Patrick S 

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