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Microsoft Only sold 244 copies of Genuine Windows Vista in China

April 20th, 2007 by Patrick S

Microsoft spent millions of dollars advertising its next generation OS ‘Windows Vista’ in China, in fact the IT juggernaut threw up the biggest Vista Ad on the 421 meter high Jin Mao tower in Shanghai China. However after 2 weeks (Jan 19 to Feb 2) from launch Microsoft managed to sell a mere 244 copies of Windows Vista. Software piracy is rampant in the middle kingdom and a pirated version of Vista sells for a mere $1 on the streets. The following numbers are quoted by Windows Vista chief distributor in Bejing.

“…China’s population is 1.3 billion. Vista Ultimate sold 242 copies. That’s a market penetration rate of .0000186% …”

News source: newlaunches/ & MSFN

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HP Customer Participation Program software causing memory leak

April 16th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

A Microsoft MVP reported that a file hppusg.exe is causing a memory leak, which can use as much memory as 800MB or 900MB.

A research on the file hppusg.exe reveals that this file is used by HP for HP Customer Participation Program. It is saved under the directory of C:\Program Files\HP\HP UT\bin

Based on HP website,

“Cause: The hppusg.exe is the HP Customer Participation Program software that the user has opted to install. It does not affect printing or HP Toolbox FX functionality.”

Any other users having this memory leak (from this program)? If yes, post back!

I’ll be restoring back to my default factory state for my HP Tx1000 and enable HP Customer Participation Program, in the next few weeks to see if I’m having the same memory leak.

Thanks to Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP for this report.

Update: It seems that a combination of this HP Customer Participation Program and HP Toolbox are causing the problem. A minimum installation of drivers should solve this issue.

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ANI Patch now Released!!!

April 4th, 2007 by Patrick S

Microsoft’s Patch for the ANI vulnerability is now out.

Click for bigger view

As discussed in our previous blog, this update was earlier to the usual second Tuesday monthly Security Release because of the alarming increase of Malwares and sites exploiting the ANI vulnerability. Please make sure you install this security update right now!

Update: When you install the patch and have a computer with a Realtek Audio card you might get an error message saying “Rthdcpl.exe – Illegal System DLL Relocation”. Microsoft has released a hotfix for this so if you have this problem, you can download the fix here.

Update etc sourced from F-secure

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Microsoft changes mind on Vista and Thin-Client computing…

April 3rd, 2007 by Patrick S

Spring is in the air, and like many of us, Microsoft is looking to slim down for summer. Despite its former reluctance to support thin-client computing, it looks like Microsoft has loosened up and clarified its licensing when it comes to thin clients. MSFT has claimed that it will loosen the strings that it currently has on thin-client licensing a more “supported” feature in its Windows OS rather than the gray area it currently is now.

First, they are going to permit streaming Vista directly to thin clients, allowing it to boot from the network instead of a local hard drive-until now it was only really a Unix/Linux (and MacOS) concept. This means that any updates/program installs made on the server will be applied to the Thin-clients as soon as the next user ‘logs on’. This is because the OS resides on the server itself.
The use of this technology is all well and good but impractical in some instances because the use of Thin-clients chews up huge amounts of bandwidth!

The other change is a new subscription license called Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktops (VECD).VECD lets you host Vista as virtual machines on something like VMware or Virtual PC. Currently, in my environment we do something along these lines. VPN users connect to a farm of VMware ESX servers running multiple copies of Windows via RDP. Since they are just using RDP, we only need one port open on our firewall, which keeps home PC cooties off our network. Since it’s to a PC that’s actually a virtual machine on ESX it’s simple to expand the number to meet increased demand.

Until now, this has been a gray area as far as licensing is concerned; with VECD it is now legitimate, although there is supposed to be a fee schedule based on the number of devices you are using it with. The cost will be different for full PCs and thin clients, but Microsoft’s announcement does not go into much detail.

Only time will tell…

Microsoft Press Pass: Found HERE
Info Sourced from:

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Animated cursor attacks escalate; emergency patch coming

April 2nd, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Microsoft plans to release an emergency, out-of-cycle Windows update on Tuesday, April 3, 2006 to patch the animated cursor (.ani) vulnerability currently being used in widespread malware attacks.

The decision follows a weekend of escalated attacks, which include a self-propagating worm spotted in China and the discovery of hundreds (possibly thousands) of hacked Web sites hosting animated cursor exploits.

According to Christopher Budd, a program manager in the MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center), the out-of-band patch is in response to the increased attacks and the public disclosure of proof-of-concept code.

“In light of these points, and based on customer feedback, we have been working around the clock to test this update and are currently planning to release the security update that addresses this issue on Tuesday April 3, 2007,” Budd said in a blog entry.

The proof-of-concept code is available at, a public repository for free exploits. The remote exploit code even bypasses the unofficial patch being offered by eEye Digital Security.


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Windows Vista boxshots

March 30th, 2007 by Zack Whittaker

They may be pretty small, but at least you can see what they look like. The boxshots of Windows Vista in their different editions:

From left to right – Starter Edition, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise

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Run Vista without activation many times… legally

March 16th, 2007 by Zack Whittaker

Microsoft has built into Vista a function that allows anyone to extend the operating system’s activation deadline not just three times, but many times. The same one-line command that postpones Vista’s activation deadline to 120 days can be used an indefinite number of times by first changing a Registry key from 0 to 1.

This isn’t a hacker exploit. It doesn’t require any tools or utilities whatsoever. Microsoft even documented the Registry key, although obtusely, on its Technet site.

But dishonest PC sellers could use the procedure to install thousands of copies of Vista and sell them to unsuspecting consumers or businesses as legitimately activated copies. This would certainly violate the Vista EULA, but consumers might not realize this until the PCs they bought started demanding activation — and failing — months or years later.

The following describes the Registry key that’s involved.

  1. While running a copy of Windows Vista that hasn’t yet been activated, click the Start button, type regedit into the Search box, then press Enter to launch the Registry Editor.
  2. Explore down to the following Registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ SL
  3. Right-click the Registry key named SkipRearm and click Edit. The default is a DWORD (a double word or 4 bytes) with a hex value of 00000000. Change this value to any positive integer, such as 00000001, save the change, and close the Registry Editor.
  4. Start a command prompt with administrative rights. The fastest way to do this is to click the Start button, enter cmd in the Search box, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. If you’re asked for a network username and password, provide the ones that log you into your domain. You may be asked to approve a User Account Control prompt and to provide an administrator password.
  5. Type one of the following two commands and press Enter:
        slmgr -rearm    or    rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows
    Either command uses Vista’s built-in Software Licensing Manager (SLMGR) to push the activation deadline out to 30 days after the command is run. Changing SkipRearm from 0 to 1 allows SLMGR to do this an indefinite number of times. Running either command initializes the value of SkipRearm back to 0.
  6. Reboot the PC to make the postponement take effect.
  7. To extend the activation deadline of Vista indefinitely, repeat steps 1 through 6 as necessary

Read full story and other tricks at source.

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Windows Vista RTM software compatible list

February 13th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Have you ever wondered what Anti virus software works or does not work on Windows Vista RTM? What about data burning applications? Or your favourite disk defragment or backup software?

Well, worries no more as has a full list of what software works or not, updated by everybody out there!


AntiSpam & AntiSpyware

  • Webroot Spy Sweeper v5.3 (32-bit)

See the full list over at:

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Microsoft Wireless devices giving you issue? Screensaver doesn’t pops up?

February 13th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

There is an issue when you have a Microsoft wireless devices and Windows XP/Vista’s Screensaver doesn’t work. Does that sound familiar to all of you hardcore Microsoft hardware fans?

Wait no more as Microsoft has released a patch to fix this issue.

From Jason Tsang’s [MVP for Media Center] blog:

My contact at Microsoft reported the following to me:

If you have your 27 Mhz wireless device connected to the system when you go to Windows Update, it will give you a HID update that corrects the problem where the screen savers don’t work with our 27 Mhz wireless products plugged in. This will fix it on both Vista and XP.

You will see this on Windows/Microsoft Update in the ‘Hardware, Optional’ category if you have your Microsoft 27Mhz Wireless device plugged into the USB port (27Mhz wireless devices basically mean any keyboard/mouse product that doesn’t use Bluetooth). It will show up as ‘HID Non-User Input Data Filter’ from Microsoft.

For those of you who are wondering, the update consists of four files.

  • NuidFltr.inf
  • NuidFltr.sys (v
  • WdfCoInstaller01005.dll (v 1.5.6000.0)

Hopefully this update will fix the issues that some of you have been having.


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Windows Vista NYC Launch

February 12th, 2007 by admin

Alright everyone, I am very sorry about these being so late. Any way pictures after the jump 


This is a picture of the band Angels and Airwaves who played before Bill came on to stage, the sound system at that theater literally moved my hair. 


Here is Angels and Airwaves again. The video in the back was really amazing showing people from all over the world using Vista. 

This is when Bill first came on stage. He first started talking about his “Wow” moment and how far we have come. 

The backdrop says it all :) 

Right here we see Bill and Steve about to introduce the partners on stage and give them a plaque with Windows Vista Home Basic upgrade disc, and Office 2007 Ultimate. 

Here is Bill again; he is talking about all the testing. For some reason he thought that TechBeta and TAP were the same as the CPP… Some testers, TechBeta were a bit upset about this because they felt they worked harder than CPP (which they did by filing bugs) any way. Windows Vista is the BEST version of Windows EVER! Get Vista! 

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Final: Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista

February 1st, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center enables data synchronization between Windows Mobile-powered devices and Windows Vista.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista (x86)

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista (AMD64) 


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Windows PowerShell for Vista released!

January 31st, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

After many months (in fact PowerShell was code-named “Monad”, earlier name was “Microsoft Shell” or “MSH”) of development, it is finally released!

Monad got its first introduction on August 2005, in

After lots of feedback gathering on how it should work and how IT Pros will be using this tool, finally Microsoft thinks it is ready to have it released for Windows Vista platform.

Microsoft originally intended to launch PowerShell along with Windows Vista, but later defined a separate release schedule for PowerShell. Windows PowerShell is the foundation of the administrative experience for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 where everything is done via command line interfaces and the administrative GUI is layered on top of those commands.

But wait no longer, as is now officially released!

  • Download Windows PowerShell 1.0 Installation for X86 Edition
  • Download Windows PowerShell 1.0 Installation for X64 Edition
  • For more details, please visit the following links:


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    Vista Count-down begines…

    January 29th, 2007 by Patrick S

    Well being GMT+13 at the moment (@ 11.04pm) Windows Vista releases to the people of New Zealand in 1 hour. There is no flashy launch party here (as far as I know) however that launch right here in New Zealand means that the main event in New York is literally only hours away.

    So what of the launch party in NYC? Well none of the “full time” staff of MSBLOG (so-to-speak) is going however we do have our very own reporter on the scene (a foreign correspondent if you will) associating himself with MSBLOG.
    Mr Cullen D will be writing from the launch event that is nearly upon us. Cullen is a keen Vista/Longhorn tester so the articles he will bring us will give us poor people who can’t attend a great insight into what the launch celebration for THE greatest Operating System is like.

    So don’t fret-MSBLOG will bring you the goods once again,
    Stay tuned,
    Look forward to it,
    It should be GREAT!!!

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    VistaBase Community

    January 27th, 2007 by Zack Whittaker

    The VistaBase Community is a place where you can talk with fellow testers, enthusiasts and experts about all the topics covered in VistaBase. Whether it’ll be a hit or a flop, I don’t know but it’s worth a try.

    There will be events every week on a Wednesday at 4pm GMT (other times for various time zones), and you can register and login and talk to a whole load of other people. Generally you’ll be able to talk about anything, but this can be your opportunity to get heard – ask a question, have it answered, ask for something changed in VistaBase, feedback to myself and others what you think of the products, and generally have a good laugh. Each event will last an hour, so come along and see what you think – transcripts will be available afterwards here.

    • Click to download Office Outlook/Windows Calendar reminder
    • Next event: 7th February 2007
    • Event theme: “What you want out of VistaBase”
    • Time: 8am (Redmond, California)
               4pm (Great Britain, Spain)
               11pm (Bangkok, Jakarta)

    So please come and have a look – it’s only an hour of your time at max and you might just learn some new things!

     Check out the VistaBase Community landing page

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    How to get rid of that pesky Windows Welcome Center at FIRST boot

    January 21st, 2007 by Patrick Elliott
    If you’re like me, you have custom scripts you run after you install Windows to get everything “just right”.
    You may have noticed, you don’t see a checkbox to “Show Windows Welcome Center” until you’ve logged on twice, and that’s by design.
    With a simple .reg file though, you can kill Windows Welcome Center dead on first boot — simply put the following into your .reg file and save it, run it, or add it to your scripts:

    And like magic, it will not bother you again 🙂

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