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Cisco/Microsoft Interoperability Beta This Year

September 7th, 2006 by Joseph Bittman MCSD .Net

Microsoft and Cisco have announced a joint architecture for Vista & Longhorn and Cisco networking. There will be a limited beta later this year for beta testers to try it out & give feedback!

The new architecture will better combine the new security aspects & improvements in Longhorn and Vista with Cisco’s well-known security standards.

Consumers will be able to deploy the new NAP-NAC architecture after Longhorn releases in 2007.

Microsoft Presspass:

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“School of the Future” Grand Opening

September 7th, 2006 by Joseph Bittman MCSD .Net

Today, September 7th, the “School of the Future” sponsored by Microsoft has opened. The school features smartcard-accessable lockers, tablet PCs for each student, broadband internet at home for each student… and much more.

Microsoft Presspass states the school’s students are 99% minority, with 85% low-income.

Details about what textbooks and such they use is here:

Presspass article:


Wow…. read this quote from the presspass article:

“the building itself incorporates the latest advances in environmental design including a water catchment system on the roof, where rainwater will be collected and used for nonpotable applications. Photovoltaic panels in the glass windows and roof will also reduce heating and cooling costs by converting sunlight into a direct current, contributing electricity for the building and transmitting real-time data for students so they can see the positive impact on the environment. ”

As education is such an important item today… feel free to repost this article in entirety while just leaving a comment stating such & its location.

I’m sure we are going to be hearing much more about this in the future!

=- Joseph Bittman

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MSFT $20 Billion Buyback

August 17th, 2006 by Patrick S

New Zealand’s very own Chris Liddell (CFO of Microsoft) appeared on a television talk show tonight announcing a Microsoft “buy back” deal that closes in America tonight. Microsoft is buying back 8% of their shares from current shareholders. This “tender” for the shareholders shares is set to cost Microsoft around 20 Billion U.S. Dollars.

Microsoft reported a fall in fourth quarter net income to $2.83billion from $3.70billion in the same period last year, thanks in part to one-off legal costs, However Revenues increased by 16% over the period to $11.8 billion.
Nevertheless, it issued a bullish forecast for 2007, predicting revenues of between $49.7billion and $50.7billion and operating income of up to $19.4billion.

All in an effort to boost share prices i guess,

Patrick S

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