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August 18th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

There are some things I love about being with Microsoft; the friendly environment, the relaxed atmosphere, the cultural diversity, the interesting work, breaks whenever you want (as long as you get your work done), and working on the border of Westminster in the greatest capital city in the world, London.

Having said that, there are somethings I love more than others 🙂

“If you listen carefully, you can hear the boom as the corporation network
hits the second megabit per second transfer rate” – Anonymous

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Microsoft unveils NEW Windows Vista Edition!

June 18th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

Windows Vista “Lemon-Lime” edition said to be the most refreshing member of the lineup yet!  So far it’s been very elusive, and unlike other editions can only be installed from select Microsoft kitchenettes.

I apologize for the poor quality pics — took them w/ my cell phone :)  — Figured I’d share the laugh.

– Patrick

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We love this product as much as you do :)

June 5th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

Thanks to Jessep B. for snapping this pic the other night — yes, I am wearing a Vista shirt as well 🙂

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Win 95 Song funny-but oh so true.

April 21st, 2006 by Patrick S

Just heard a funny song about windows 95 and i can relate it to myself when i first got vista… Exclusing the 386 part-and the end part i guess 😀

 Check it out here

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Terrible F1 accident

March 24th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Recieved some bad news – the image below is shocking and some viewers may find distressing. Let this be a lesson to you, that F1 is not a game and is very serious indeed.

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MSBLOG Exclusive: The Non-Recycle Bin

March 18th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Some shocking news… since Windows 95 nearly 12 years ago, it’s finally come to light that the Recycle Bin doesn’t recycle. With global warming polluting the atomosphere and carbon emissions reaching alltime high levels, nobody has yet to comment from Microsoft regarding this scandal. You would have thought that one of the world’s most powerful corporations hasn’t set in steps to recycle documents within their operating systems to help create a cleaner Earth.

Have you say on this shocking report, leave a comment.

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Oh yeah Windows 1.0 running on VirtualServer 2005 R2 x64

March 10th, 2006 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

Yeah, it works… without keyboard and mouse 🙁

Windows 1.0 a Windows 1.0 b

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Windows 3.11 running on VirtualServer 2005 R2 x64

March 9th, 2006 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

Today I had muuuuch time and did not know what to do, so Pat came to me with Windows 3.11 disk and look what we did!

 Windows 3.11 bWindows 3.11 a

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It’s Official: Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro

March 8th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro


Credits back to Boon-Tiong Lim

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The Best idea ever-Win 3.11 looking like XP!

March 6th, 2006 by Patrick S

Just to be completely random-Someone has just made a program to make Windows 3.11 look somewhat like Windows XP. (About as pointless as as Cardboard Fish, as a dieter stepping on a scale every half hour, as pointless as learning Morse code, how to drive a horse-drawn wagon or as trying to define the color green such that a completely color blind person could understand the experience of seeing green.)

Its called Calmira XP 4.0


 I imagine you would need a pretty “spec’d” up computer to use this App.-Only Joking

Find it HERE

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Nifty Little IE7 Video…

February 10th, 2006 by Patrick S

Sean Alexander has posted a cool European video (sort of like an Ad) about the functionality of the new IE7. Its a little humorous but a cool teaser video.

IE7_Big.wmv       (7.8MB)
IE7_Medium.wmv (2.9MB)
IE7_Small.wmv    (1MB)

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Interesting fact for the day

February 4th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Bill Gates has so much money, that the US Tax Department has it’s own seperate network of computers and their own department for his accounts.

Unlucky for him, I guess there’s no way for him to evade tax expenses 🙂

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The Million Dollar Homepage

January 9th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

This is really really cool. A lad named Alex Tew from Wiltshire, UK came up with a really inventive, very intelligent and quick way to make money, very quickly. His idea, the “Million Dollar Homepage” was this – get a single standard HTML page and sell pixels as advertisements on this page.

There are 1,000,000 (1 million) pixels on this particular page, and every single pixel is $1 each. So if you wanted an advertisement that was 10×10 in pixels, it would be $100 (about £70). The larger the space, the larger the amount of money it is to buy. Now the thing is with this, is website is more than just a great money maker and a great source of advertising, it’s Internet artwork.

Many big companies have joined up and bought pixels on this webpage – The Times newspaper, UK Government Speed Cameras website, but also plenty of online casinos and “free things”. I don’t know what’ll happen when this webpage gets full up – maybe he’ll have multiple pages… which means multiple million dollars? Who knows…

He may be a millionaire in the United States, but he’s only about half way there in British currency 😉

Updated: I forgot to change the link to the actual website. It’s changed below, sorry about that!

Useful links:
The Million Dollar Homepage
BBC News – "The million dollar student"

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Not necessarily a “clear view” as expected

December 20th, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

OK, so Microsoft Beta released a new build version of Windows Vista yesterday, with their trademarked catchphrase of “clear, confident, connected”, so far it’s caused me nothing but trouble. Not happy at all to be honest. I download the ISO file (the DVD contents but as one file to make it easier) and then find that I can’t extract the files with my usual program. So I have to trawl round the Internet looking for a specific program which is a bitch to get hold of, and finally download and install it.

I get the “Welcome to Windows Vista” install screen up and sit back and click through the pages. Then, it tells me that the hard disks on my laptop have been formatted with a FAT file system (the way Windows arranges the files). Now, this laptop was preinstalled with Windows XP when I bought it, and recovery disks so that I just put them in and it’s an exact copy as as I first bought it. Great for some…

So, I get my Windows XP disc (not the recovery one) and put that in – I restart and try and get it to boot up but nothing, carries on loading the operating system. So then I put in the Windows 98 disc I have which I know for a fact will boot up. I reinstall Windows 98 onto it twice because it froze half way through. So, Windows 98 is up and running which means that I will be able to put Windows XP onto it (not the recovery disk) and in the setup of that, converts it to an NTFS file system, the one required to install Windows Vista onto.

Now, the problem with Windows 98 is, is that it’s so bloody old! I’d totally forgotten how to work the networking in it! So I couldn’t get the ISO image off the DVD disk of genuine Windows XP because I couldn’t download the program again! So I had to…. resort to… transferring the ISO onto my iPAQ Pocket PC… and Bluetoothing it to my USB dongle plugged into my laptop!! It took a while I’ll tell you that… 6 hours and 17 minutes… is when I stopped counting.

Anyway, I’ve finally got an NTFS partition and it’s finally installing… but it’s taking bloody ages to install. That’s my one top tip – when you get Windows Vista when it’s released, make sure you have a spare fortnight to install it…

Source: Zack’s Blog of Weird and Wonderful Things
Website: ZackNET Enterprises

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10 things to know when dating a developer

December 17th, 2005 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Following are 10 things you need to know when dating a developer (or any kind of techie.)

\1. When projects have a deadline approaching, all plans are tentative.

\2. Your body/sex appeal are nothing compared to the power of a processor.

\3. You will NEVER be the Apple of his eye.

\4. Profanity is his friend.

\5. If you love him you will be standing by with a lot of caffeine.

\6. There is no rest for the weary.

\7. Rubies and Pearls are not what you think.

\8. One screen is never enough.

\9. if (loveBoyfriend = 1 ) {learn();}

\10. There is nothing like being the one there when he completes something new.

Do you think it’s true? Let’s ask Joseph 😛

Credits to Emily

Source: Dating an Apple Developer

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