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Microsoft forced to revoke Patchou’s MVP award

October 10th, 2006 by Patrick S

One week after it named the creator of a Windows Messenger add-on to its list of Most Valued Professionals (MVPs), Microsoft has revoked the award.  The news spurred criticism from fellow MVPs and the Windows Live Community due to Patchou’s Messenger Plus product being bundled with an optional adware.

Patchou’s popularity grew after he created Messenger Plus, a free program that adds some useful functions to Microsoft’s instant-messaging software (Windows Live Messenger), like the ability to stack several chat windows together and access them via tabs.
He was nominated and then last week, Microsoft named Cyril Paciullo, the creator of Messenger Plus and Messenger Plus Live, to its list of MVPs. The award recognizes people with expertise in Microsoft products who make significant contributions to other users, often in the form of technical advice.

Once the award was handed to Patchou people were up in arms over the issue alciming that his software distributed LOP,  a major source of annoyance and anger for web-users. This however is not true… Patchou switched to a different vendor that installs a small harmless and above all OPTIONAL software package with ads targeted at people from particular countries. These complainers won and the rest is history…

Microsoft released this following statement:
Microsoft today issued the following statement: “Cyril Paciullo was awarded with MVP status this year on the basis of his technical expertise and strong community contribution. However, his active MVP Award status was revoked as soon as the extent of the connection between his application and spyware was made apparent to the MVP Program.“.

While one could easily understand the company’s reaction in this matter, the very fact that Patchou was awarded the MVP award in the first place proves that Microsoft has acknowledged his extraordinary product expertise and significant contribution to the MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, now and in the past. Once again it’s been proven that all the criticism regarding the optional adware doesn’t devalue the quality of the addon in the eyes of its millions of users and those millions of users cant be wrong.

I can see where people are coming from complaining but in my honest opinion it dosen’t really matter.
Source derived from

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School Shootings – What is the world coming to?

September 29th, 2006 by Kristan M. Kenney

It’s not often I write about subjects such as this – but it seems like for the last few months, all that has been on CNN is school shootings. Take for instance the incident earlier this week regarding the 53-year-old that walked into a school, took 6 female hostages, molested them, and shot one of them in the back of the head before killing himself. Or the incident of a student in Montreal who killed one student and injured 19 others before killing himself on September 13th? Let’s not forget the Columbine school shooting that happened in 1999, either.

I myself am still in high school – and it is incidents like this that make me think sometimes, could it happen locally? Sometimes they say that you never fully realize the impact of an event until it actually happens close to home.

What is the world coming to? Public high schools should be a safe place for students to learn and make friends – not get shot up. What has the government done to curbstomp this kind of behavior? What CAN be done about it? Where the hell are the kids getting the guns and ammunition?

If you’ve watched the movie Bowling for Columbine (I enjoyed it, a great work of art by Michael Moore) – they showed a clip of someone who had a rifle on them… it was disassembled and stashed under their clothing… you couldn’t even tell he had anything on him. How can schools stop this if they have no way of telling if someone has a gun on them?

This shit needs to stop – lock the damn gun registry down and enforce the law like you’re supposed to, taxpayers aren’t shelling out their cash to you politicians for nothing, mmkay? Parents, stop leaving your ****ing gun cabinets unlocked!

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Daniel Lai-Asia MVP Best Practice of the Month

September 29th, 2006 by Patrick S

Our very own Daniel Lai from MSBLOG was just awarded the “MVP Best Practice Of The Month” Award for his Training Guide on Business Desktop Deployment 2007.

Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Beta 1 aims to be the best practice guidance on how to optimally deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system. It was spreading out across 6 technical websites including Microsoft newsgroups and TechNet Blog

Daniel has many achievements under his belt-he has written an adv training guide, been invited to deliver internal training to MSFT employees and even teaches Hong Kong MSFT epg Employees on Vista Development 

We here at MSBLOG are proud to have a good friend such as Daniel who strives to be the best…For that we congratulate him-Well Done Daniel and keep em coming!

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Happy Birthday …

September 23rd, 2006 by Kristan M. Kenney

Happy Birthday… ack, what’s the name of the guy that’s celebrating the birthday today… hmm, Jack? no… that can’t be it.. Crack? Oh no wait, drugs are bad… mmmkay… oh, oh, I know!



Ok… see this guy? Now HES on crack 😛

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Windows Vista Pre-order price is……

September 19th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]
Pre-Order Price List from Amazon (taken on 31/8/2006 and all prices are in USD):
Full versions
– Windows Vista Home Basic: $199
– Windows Vista Home Premium: $239
– Windows Vista Business: $299
– Windows Vista Ultimate: $399
Upgrade versions
– Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade: $99.95
– Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $159
– Windows Vista Business Upgrade: $199
– Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $359
P.S. Windows Vista Enterprise could be only available to Microsoft Volumn License Customers, this version is not available for retail purchase.
Microsoft is also planning to release “Additional License” packs, which will be including only the Product Key, thus enabling customers to use the OS on a second computer.


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Report Abuse Desktop Client

September 4th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker



 Download links available here 

This page has been saved in the right hand pane. You can always access this page by selecting Report Abuse Desktop Client at the top right, underneath the Search bar.

The Report Abuse Desktop Client is an application written by myself and provided by MSBLOG enabling younger users of the Internet to report online abuse or suspicious activity of online predators. It’s a topic which no-one really wants to talk about because of the discomfort and the sickening of this sort of behaviour, but it’s being addressed in a number of different ways.

The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is an online organisation set up and moderated by the world’s policing authorities from the USA, England, Australia and Interpol. It provides the ability for users who feel they are being targeted by online sexual predators to report information to make sure that the online community is safer. Already, Microsoft have incorporated the VGT as a tab in Windows Live Messenger, and they’ve shutdown the MSN Chatrooms but this isn’t enough for outside Microsoft and their products.

This tool sits in the system tray, and younger users between 5-18 can use this tool if they feel threatened or are aware of suspicious activity. Simply double-click the icon to bring up the VGT Report Abuse website.

Please digg this – I really want this tool to be available to everyone who wants it 🙂

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Windows Live Messenger to help protect kiddly-winks

August 23rd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Sorry for the big image – I would have thumbnailed it but I think this is big news.

Basically, the Virtual Global Taskforce with help from SOCA (Serious and Organised Crime Agency in the UK, a bit like the FBI but not as crap) and Microsoft are coming together in harmony to create functionality to report abuse on Windows Live Messenger. This means that those cute little kiddlywinks out there who want to talk to their friends online, then a weirdo 50 year old bloke adds that kiddlywink and pretends to be a 12 year old girl, and the first kiddlywink gets a bit suspicious and feels a bit scared, they hit the button and report it.

However to be fair, the VGT (Virtual Global Taskforce) which has a website (here) has a Report Abuse tool which must be reitterated, is very similar as if you were calling 999, the Emergency Services. You can get into a whole load of trouble if you misuse the tool, because the reporting tool goes straight to the nearest policing authority. So use it if you need to, and don’t “prank call” them!

This will be rolled out into Windows Live Messenger at a later date, above as you can see is a concept design.

Edit: The BBC has nowreported on this subject – here’s the link if anyone wants to see it –

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August 18th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

There are some things I love about being with Microsoft; the friendly environment, the relaxed atmosphere, the cultural diversity, the interesting work, breaks whenever you want (as long as you get your work done), and working on the border of Westminster in the greatest capital city in the world, London.

Having said that, there are somethings I love more than others 🙂

“If you listen carefully, you can hear the boom as the corporation network
hits the second megabit per second transfer rate” – Anonymous

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How many Windows Live services are there?

August 15th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Quote – Just How Many Windows Live Services Are There: Microsoft Watch

“Microsoft officials say there are 20 Windows Live services available in beta and/or final versions. But it looks like the real count is in excess of 40. And that’s not including a number of Live services which Microsoft has yet to acknowledge, but sources say are in the pipeline. There are more Windows Live services than meet the eye.”

Oh Mary  So naive… but she’s not wrong, and that’s coming from a semi-Microsoft official. September’s gonna be a nice squishy month for you Live addicts… pay special attention to which categories this entry lies in… there’s a lot of them

Edit: don’t ask me to go into specifics, you know I can’t. Just bide your time, sit quietly and I’ll let you know as soon as things become available – I’m just stirring hype in this entry.

Edit: As of 20th August, there are officially 42 Windows Live services in total.

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World Jump Day tomorrow

July 19th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

I saw this website some time ago, and now it’s ready to be “used” as such. Dubbed “World Jump Day”, it’s designed to get people from specific places in the world to jump at a specific time on a hard surface on the ground. This is meant, so that if enough people do it (approximately 600 million), then the orbit of the Earth will shift ever so slightly off it’s regular orbit, and give us loads better stuff… no global warming, overall temperatures would go down a bit in the hottest places in the world… yada yada.

Look, it’s so hot in England today, I’m just gonna stop typing.. check out and see for yourselves

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I’m still here

July 6th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

So I go to work at Microsoft every day of the week (usually weekends as well) — What sorts of posts (within reason) would you guys like to see me writing?   Life at work?  The life of the triage team?   Post a reply to this and let me know,  I have been lurking around on this site, and feel bad I haven’t posted in awhile 🙂

– Patrick Elliott

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Happy Independence Day!

July 4th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Well, it’s 11:47am over here in the UK, and about 3:47am over in Redmond time, but nevertheless, hopefully this should be a nice patriotic way to wake up (if indeed you wake up, go straight to your computer and check out MSBLOG)…

Ha, us Briton’s owned you once… the only reason we gave you up is because we got bored with you  And yeh, I nicked some of the images from past Google holiday logos…

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Windows Live Spaces is coming!

June 25th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

Reading from MSN Spaces Team Official blog, found out that MSN Spaces will also change into Windows Live Spaces, and they will add some new and exciting functionality to yoru spaces. I specially love their new Friends Module which allow me to add more friends. Here is their original detail,

Hey Spaces fans,

Windows Live Spaces is arriving soon! Not only will your Space adopt the cool new Windows Live look & feel, but you will also be able to add new and exciting functionality to your space.  With the addition of the Friends Module, you can create a place to hang out with your friends.

The Friends Explorer, which will be integrated with and accessible through Windows Live Messenger, will enable you and your friends to explore others and create new friendships.

You’ll notice some changes we’ve made to the header, including the replacement of the current text ad links with banner ads across the top.  Of course, as always, if you prefer to see no ads at all in your space, remember you always have the option to switch them off as a subscriber. 

In addition, your title and tagline will no longer be limited to the Spaces header.  Instead, you can choose to display the title and tagline of your space as a module and have it appear wherever you want it to in your space.  Removing the title from the header means you have more freedom and control over things like your space title and navigation to stuff in your space. Instead of always being stuck at the top, you can place them wherever you want.

The introduction of breadcrumbing and an optional new navigation module will enable you and your visitors to easily navigate through your space.

We are also going to offer many new ways to express yourself and customize your space.    You’ll be able to add mini-applications called Windows Live Gadgets developed by the community for the community. Can’t find headlines, games, or other gadgets that reflect YOUR personality?   Build your own gadget or bribe a techie friend to do it for you!

Of course with all this great stuff, we also have to make some changes to our URL structure.  As Greg Phipps blogged about last month, your URL will be changing one final time with the switchover to Windows Live Spaces.  Don’t worry though, we are working hard to make this as seamless as possible for you and the visitors to your space.

Here’s a glimpse of what the new Windows Live Spaces will look like:

* Note text & UI  may change.

Thanks for making Spaces your home. We’re working hard to get this created for you and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Spaces Team

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ISV Microsoft Vista Touchdown Training

June 8th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]
I was selected by my company to join the ISV Vista Touchdown Training from 14th to 16th of June. It is a 3 days session, and is a combination of presentations and hands on labs that focus on growing services opportunities for partners, and a series of new hands-on technical exercises that highlight some of the compelling new design enhancements in Windows Vista. I am so glad that I can attend this training after the Singapore Vista Training by Product Group last 2 weeks. And I hope that this Touchdown Training is really a hands-on Training.
Day 1

Intro Session
Windows Vista User Experience, HOL
Consuming Search and Organize Services, HOL
Best Practices for User Account Control in Windows Vista
Consuming RSS Data from your Applications  

Day 2
WPF: 2D Graphics
WPF: Tools
WPF: Styles, Templates, and Resources, HOL
WPF: Databinding
WPF: Animation, HOL
WPF: Documents, Text, and File Formats
WPF: 3D Graphics
WPF: Interop and Migration

Day 3
Lap Around Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), HOL
Lap Around Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Establish a Feedback Loop
Windows Vista Software Logo Requirements
Windows Vista Application Compatibility Issues and Resolutions

You may found more detail in


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We love this product as much as you do :)

June 5th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

Thanks to Jessep B. for snapping this pic the other night — yes, I am wearing a Vista shirt as well 🙂

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