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We’re back — kind of ;)

January 15th, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

After some minor issues on the prior server, I have a “msblog-backup” machine running over a tunneled external VPN connection from my house’s internet connection — so please excuse the super-slow speeds for this week — we’re sending data at a massive 384kb/sec 😛

New server set up plans should be in place by the end of the week.   In the meantime, keep posting — backups will be happening on the content as it normally did 🙂


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MSBLOG Team visits Dell Asia Pacific

January 3rd, 2006 by Patrick Elliott

After several hours on the bus from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia up north to Penang, we finally made it!! Jabez, Me, and two of his friends had the oppertunity to visit Dell’s Asia Pacific manufacturing facility today located just to the east of Pulau Penang (Penang Island) in northern Malaysia. After staying the night on the island (and sampling some very good local food I might add), we took a ferry across back to the mainland and caught a taxi to Dell.

Dell’s Asia Pacific center manufactures almost all mobile (Latitude, Inspiron, XPS) units bound for the United States. (See Dell Worldwide Facilities) The facility itself is HUGE inside, and operates extremely efficiently producing an entire unit in about 5 hours including some QA testing and software load. The unit is then boxed and loaded onto huge pallates which UPS (United Parcel Service) then takes about 25,000 units a day onto a Boeing 747 bound for the United States. The facility also manufactures desktop, server, and mobile products for most of the south pacific market – including Austrailia and New Zealand.

Photography is strictly prohibited in the factory, but here are two photos of the exterior (including one of Jabez and I) for your enjoyment.

Patrick Elliott / MSBLOG

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MSBLOG to move to Windows Server 2003 R2 RTM soon

December 14th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

Hello everyone!

Early next week, prior to my departure to the other side of the world (laughs), I’m going to switch the server over to Windows Server 2003 R2 RTM.

MSBLOG is currently running on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1 on top of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.

Q. Why make the change?
A. We all worked so hard to test Windows Server 2003 R2, so I thought the blog deserved to be running on it.

Q. What does this mean for the blog?
A. Nothing, except maybe 20-30 mins of downtime during the switch. I will have done all the pre-deployment testing required prior to beginning the physical switchover.

Q. Will the interface, logons, etc. be the same?
A. Yup. I’m migrating the entire blog and AppServ software over to R2. It will simply be running on a new machine.

Q. What happens to the old MSBLOG server?
A. It magically vanishes and frees up lots of RAM for me to test other things on.. It has always been a virtual machine anyway. This time it will be a physical server running Windows Server 2003 R2!

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MSBLOG team to visit Dell Laptop Factory

December 14th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

Patrick Elliott / MSBLOG

It’s in the works folks — looks like two of us from the MSBLOG team will get to visit the Dell Corp. Penang, Malaysia laptop factory:

Dell Penang, Malaysia Factory

I got the idea to visit this factory when I was in Austin, Texas the other week at Dell’s Corporate Headquarters there — and also the home to their desktop manufacturing center. Basically, if you order a Dimension or OptiPlex, its made here in the US. If you order a Latitude or Inspiron, its made at the Malaysia factory.

I just want to know what they do with the systems that maybe work … say 85% of the time? I’ll be happy to take it off their hands…

Going to have to plan this to be on a Friday so that Mr. Gan will be able to come along as well…

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New Office Assistant proves to be even more helpful!

October 13th, 2005 by Patrick Elliott

Clippit Suicide

New Office 12 Office Assistant becomes even more helpful!

(A joke a friend sent me, figured we all’d get a good laugh from it)

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New wireless protocol coming soon

September 30th, 2005 by Zack Whittaker

I’m sure most people are familiar with most wireless protocols nowadays, and even if you get put off by the word “protocol”, you probably know regardless. We know Infrared (IrDA), we know Bluetooth, and I’m sure some know 802.11b and 802.11g, but looking back over the security news and information about them, there are vulrenabilities and problems and security flaws all over.

Now, a brand new protocol named 802.11i (WPA2) will be hitting us very soon. It is not necessarily a replacement for the widely used 802.11g protocol, but will surely be implemented a whole lot more and maybe relace in certain scenarios. To cut a long story short, the new security features will implement a brand new method of authentication between server and client, as well as improve security and encryption by using a “four way handshake” as opposed to the current more popular EAP method. It works by having more components to the equation, and the key’s used will be exposed as little as possible.

Operating systems now have already built patches and upgrades to support the new protocol; Windows XP have released a hotfix for this at
Microsoft Knowledge Base
offering a free download to update your Windows XP edition, as well as Mac OS X to update their AirPort software including AirPort Extreme Base Station and AirPort Express.

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New Orleans gets WiMax

September 10th, 2005 by André Nogueira

In a city that has lost everything, wireless is the only way of getting in touch with those around you.

At least that seems to be what Cisco and Intel think, as they have recently announced they would donate WiMax wireless equipment to be placed all over the town of New Orleans, in order to help officials get their work done.

Some say that this action is little more than a publicity stunt by Cisco and Intel to promote the technology, but in this time of grief and mourning any help is welcomed – especially when that help aims at providing one of the most basic services any city, big or small, needs.

Source: LA Times
View: Intel’s Press Release
View: Cisco Press Release

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