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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Revert / Reset Stats or Rank

January 18th, 2010 by Patrick S

Ok its nearly 4 am and I figured I would write yet another call of duty post – this time about some ranking issues people have been having over the past few weeks that’s been causing people to complain.

Without going into too much detail – People have identified that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 does have a console built-in. This console is hidden (prob because its just built on top of CoD 4/WaW tech or for dev purposes) but can be unlocked using an injector tool to trick the game into letting you use it.

So what’s wrong with this? Well  MW2, with IWNet was never deployed to allow people to customize servers using console commands. It was meant to be a fair, basic and straightforward player matching system. By throwing console access into the mix the server host is able to change settings on the fly and thus radically change the game for anyone connected to his server.

If you go on youtube and have a hunt around you will see a raft of videos depicting servers where people have what would usually be unattainable “perks and abilities” (e.g. unlimited ammunition and flight)… Not to mention the ability for the server to switch between field of views and game modes at whim.

So today after learning about this hack for the first time, went exploring to see the mayhem for myself. Upon entering a hacked server everything appears routine but its quickly evident things are not normal – the biggest problem being that kills are worth about 5,000,000 xp a piece – thus ranking you to the highest rank (70) at the drop of a hat.

Now I know that most people are familiar with this by now, and most people feel cheated out of their rank… You are lead into what you would think would be a legitimate server you found through IWNet only to find you are ranked up against your choice….

…So how do we get our old rank back?

Well, this is where Windows (Vista/Se7en) comes in handy – provided you have system restore enabled.
Ill run over it very quickly since it isn’t exactly hard. (Close steam down first)

  1. Navigate to your steam directory (for me: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam)
  2. Open User-data folder and then the folder with in that (numbered string). Within that folder will be a folder named 10190 – Back this up!.
  3. Right click on this folder and select Restore previous version, navigate through the dates to a time/date that’s appropriate (just before you were duped by hacked servers) and select the restore button. (If the restore button is not available you can simply double click on the the correct folder in the list (opens new window). Replace everything in the original 10190 folder with the contents of this restored folder – make sure you replace everything *rather important*
  4. Navigate to the CoD MW2 main folder (for me: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2) and do the same as step 3 but for the players folder
  5. Re-open steam and launch CoD MW2 Multi-player – This should upload your backup to the cloud and overwrite previous stats – Play a round and complete it to make sure everything is sync’ed accross.

Hopefully you can understand my (probably needlessly complicated) instructions – I know I managed to get my previous rank back to normal.
I would advise however, if you do search for games on IWNet, have a look at players before rounds begin – make sure its not full of prestige 10 players or look for irregularities such as 18 people in a 3rd person cage match.
If you have any questions/comments post em’ blow – I’m tired, time for bed 😛

Patrick Squire – Post originally from here (for all those sites that just rip our content off)

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5 Responses

  1. SH Says:

    Thanks it worked 😀 Back to my original rank after those hackers wrecked it for me!!!!

  2. op Says:

    It didn’t work. It sent me back to lvl 1 like I was just starting out. I copied the backed up folder back and now I’m back to lvl 70 prestige 10 :(.

    My only thought is the restore points I choose (I tried several before the hack) were all when I was playing on version 1.0.175. Steam has pushed an update so now I’m at 1.0.177. Could that be the problem?

  3. Patrick S Says:

    Hey, I feel your pain – It took me several attempts before it worked.
    I did find that my rank reverted to 1 OR it would just over-write my reverted rank from the steam cloud.

    After a few tries It seemed to work – Try the above steps but closing down steam prior, then re-opening to see if it uploads to cloud?

    But yeah, as I said – it took me a while of trial and error before it worked (I knew it had stuck when it had uploaded my backup instead of downloading a fresh copy in the log file [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs\cloud_log.txt])

    (You will prob see a long log file entry if it succeeds)

  4. Rob Says:

    I am not sure how i am ment to backup the files so i cant get it to work i am currently running windows 7.. please get back to me.

  5. Patrick S Says:

    @Rob: Im sorry I dont follow? Can you not restore from previous versions?