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devInTown – Technology Update by Microsoft MVPs

June 9th, 2009 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

The leaders have put together for the very first time, topics that were heavily requested by our communities. If this is successful, you can look forward to more of such ‘Technology Updates’ in the upcoming months. So, make a date with us! We hope to meet and get to know you on 27th June 2009.

As a treasured member of Microsoft’s technical communities, you are invited to join us in this first ever held round of major gathering, Community Technology Update in Kuching, Malaysia. The event is about sharing and bringing together like minded folks like you together and helping to drive community awareness and event.

The brainchild and initiative of 4 Musketeers (Chan Ming Man, Patrick Yong; Jabez Gan and Walter Wong) and run by the Kuching community and for the community, this half day ‘devInTown‘ affair will uncover the cool and latest technologies surrounding , Windows Presentation Foundation, LINQ and Windows 7 – delivered by our very own Microsoft MVPs. Each session will last for 45mins and will include a community sharing session whereby we will bring you up close and personal with the MVPs and hear them share their community experiences. We will wrap things up with an interactive Q&A session to answer all your burning technical queries.

For more information regarding this event, please take a look at this link.

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Microsoft to Build Its Own CDN

June 5th, 2009 by admin

Microsoft announced this week that it will begin providing on-demand access to the full versions of retail video games. That means titles like BioShock (6 Ggigabytes) and Mass Effect (7 GB) can be downloaded through the Xbox Live online gaming service, which has more than 17 million members. The growth of these type of bandwidth-draining services has been a major driver in Microsoft’s decision to build its own content delivery network.

This news is hot on the heels of the planned purchase of a new Chicago Data-center worth 185 Million.

Jeff Cohen, the general manager of Microsoft’s Edge Computing Network, discussed the company’s content delivery infrastructure in his May 11 keynote at the first Content Delivery Summit. Cohen said video delivery accounted for just 10 percent of Microsoft’s content delivery in 2007, but has since grown to 40 percent, consuming as much bandwidth as the company’s “large file” downloads of software and security updates.

“The content is exploding,” Cohen said at the event, part of Streaming Media East. But the barrier to entry for the CDN market is steep. ”It takes a huge amount of capital to get into this space, even for Microsoft.”

That’s why Microsoft uses its Edge Content Network to deliver about 40 percent of the content on its network, while farming out the remaining 60 percent to existing CDN partners including Akamai (AKAM), Limelight Networks (LLNW), Level 3 (LVLT) and ChinaCache.

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Free TechNet Professional subscription (US, Canada, UK)

June 3rd, 2009 by Patrick S

Microsoft, in a mysterious move, have offered anyone with a valid shipping address in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, a free TechNet Professional subscription.

As Neowin points out, it may well not be for absolutely everyone, but it does appear to be so. Confirmation will be needed from Microsoft but as of yet, they are not commenting on this. Still, if it works for you, you will have access to a wealth of Office, Windows and Dynamics software for three months for absolutely nothing.

  • UK users
  • Canadian users
  • US users
  • Once you make your way through the online “ordering” process, you will receive an email confirmation shortly afterwards. This will provide you with download links and your access information to begin downloading.

    Hmmph looks like the rest of us miss out.

    This post was retrieved from Zack W’s blog @ (check it out)- hopefully he dosen’t mind 😛

    [Update]: Ars Technica is reporting that this offer may not be for one year as first thought, but only three months. Never-the-less, it’s best to get in early and make the most of this while you can.

    [Update 2]: It appears as though there are errors in requesting keys and we are hearing that this offer may have been limited to a select few rather than public. Microsoft has not officially responded to requests for comment. (Neowin)

    Check out Kristan Keeny’s Site for latest update

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    Tech Ed 2009: Microsoft Announces Updated Windows 7 Ship Date

    June 2nd, 2009 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

    On 11th May, 2009, Microsoft launched TechEd 2009 in that morning in Los Angeles by announcing that Windows 7 would ship before the end of the year.

    “Microsoft is committed to ensuring that IT professionals and developers continue to have the platform and technologies to drive maximum value and business results. Getting the most out of IT investments is even more important in today’s economy,” Microsoft senior vice president Bill Veghte said in a prepared statement. “It is these very skills that make them so valuable and why we constantly strive to empower them with an integrated suite of products and technologies that help them anticipate and respond quickly to changing business requirements. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.” Veghte also confirmed that Windows 7 would ship before the end of the year. “With early RC testing and extensive partner feedback we’ve recived, Windows 7 is tracking well for holiday availability.”

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