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Call of Duty World At War errors (d3dx9_37.dll & Unhandled exception )

November 1st, 2008 by Patrick S

Edit*: The beta for CoD WAW has now cloed – however the following information still does apply to some users of the RTM game.

I know this isn’t really related to Microsoft in any way but the public beta for Call of duty World At War has just come out and I am a huge fan. You can download yourself a free copy of the game if you go to and register to get a serial number and a download link.

If you are running a Vista machine you will most likely run into some difficulties when running the game for the first time after installation. These errors are:

-Message box displaying missing d3dx9_37.dll (or something along those lines)
-Message Box displaying: “Error during initialization: Unhandled exception caught”

To remedy these problems do the following:

The Missing DLL file (d3dx9_36.dll) is attributed to an outdated version of Microsoft DirectX. Simply point your browser to here ( to download the Microsoft DirectX 9/10 web download application. This will determine the version of DirectX installed on your system and apply the latest SDK updates accordingly.

After this install is complete the error should no longer appear and the game should run fine.


The second error: “Error during initialization: Unhandled exception caught” is a stupid error attributed to the Way the game uses the Windows Vista playback Device.

To remedy this problem click:
Start>Control Panel>Sound

Right Click on the default playback device (e.g. Speakers) and click properties. From there select the Advanced tab.
To eliminate this error the default playback format must be set at 24 bit 48000Hz (Studio Quality). Simply select this from the dropdown list and apply the settings.

Try launching the game now-Everything should run fine.

 Any Questions or comments-don’t hesitate to post them below.

-Patrick (>DDC<Ping)


Edit: Looks like the beta has closed down-we’ll soon see if these errors happen in the full version released in the states today & New Zealand on friday

Edit2: Thanks to xGame (see his comment below):
to any1 having problem with “error during intialization…” in xp go to: control panel->phone and modem options->modems->remove the modem/modems you are not using

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70 Responses

  1. JOEL Says:

    Hi, um when i try to play call of duty world at war, before i play it askes me if i want to put it in safe mode and if i press yes or no! it goes any ways but when it goes to the black screen it just shuts of!! and ive been waiting for about 2 or 3 month for people to help ME!! my computer is a dell XP and it would really be awsome if u could help… thanks again! PLEASE HELP ME!!

  2. JOEL Says:

    and we have tried buying a new sound card and that doesn’t WORK!!! ;\

  3. JOEL Says:

    um wonce again e-mail me at 😉 thank’s

  4. JOEL Says:

    hi um what do i type in for the xgame thing? do i just type in xgame cuz i tried that and that just whent to the sport xgame!

  5. patrick Says:

    hey patrick a little help over here! i start the game and befor it starts up and before it goes to the black screen it asks me if i want it in safe mode or not! and if i press yes or no it goes like its working but then it goes to the black screen! and then shuts off for a error!!!! i have tried a new sound card! and that did not work eather!!! 🙁 its a dell xp! so if u could help that would be Great! thanks.

  6. urmike04 Says:

    I’ve done that sound config to 24 bit studio for vista but now no sound. plus when I try to go to mutiplayer I get this message :
    configure_mp.csv: EXE_ERR_COULDNT_CONFIGURE -0 GHz 1024

    what does that mean?


  7. Sci2 Says:

    hi all

    i am using a notebook acer 9920
    8600m gt graphics card
    duo core 2g

    and i get the error

    anyone ?

  8. drizz Says:

    I keep crushing in multiplayer al lthe time. I dont know what to do anymore.I tried all the things people say to to online.

    My PC spec
    dual 2 core 3.00
    nvidia x260 gtx
    4gb ram
    vista x64

    i did the following things:

    updated sound drivers
    rolled back my graphic card drivers
    directx is latest version

    I also did the sound config mentioned above but then I have no in-game sound at all. Does anyone have any other suggestions of what I should do?

  9. Aeon Says:

    Im running win xp sp3. The game is entirely devoid of sound, all the way from the intros. I installed the latest drivers for my audigy 2 zs platinum.. nothing. The game runs great otherwise

  10. dhoff Says:

    I wanted to reinstall cod world at war and it says “this product is already installed please use the control panel to modify or uninstall”. Im udderly frustrated I have no cod waw file on my pc whatsoever. Please help!!!

  11. hitler Says:

    thanx man!!!!!!

  12. umar Says:

    PROB SOLVED!!!!! the prob of idle screen after starting new game is solved through this link

    if u have any prob mail me…

  13. mohammed Says:

    hi, i have windows xp and my options doesnt contain the steps u are talking about , please tell me i mean tell us plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the way on XP!!!!!!!not vista remember xppppppp’_’ thx

  14. Nick Says:

    the problem im having is that it says “fast file for zone ‘code_post_gfx_mp’ is corrupt or unreadable”. anyone have a fix? i think this is the file for storing system info, but im not sure.
    if anyone has a fix, thanks in advance!

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  18. Ralph Says:

    Dude, i have WindowsXP i have the second problem and i don’t know where to find the thing you write there.

  19. Ralph Says:

    btw here’s the…. i don’t know what it’s called but here it is
    —– Initializing Renderer —-
    execing ragdoll.cfg from disk
    —– Client Initialization —–
    —– Client Initialization Complete —–
    Trying SMP acceleration…
    —– R_Init —–
    Getting Direct3D 9 interface…
    Pixel shader version is 2.0
    Vertex shader version is 2.0
    Video card or driver doesn’t support vertex shader 3.0 or better.
    Shader model 3.0 rendering path will not be available.
    Video card or driver doesn’t support pixel shader 3.0 or better.
    Shader model 3.0 rendering path will not be available.
    Shader model 2.0 code path is available.
    Using Shader model 2.0 code path because it is the best available path on this hardware.
    Attempting 640 x 480 fullscreen with 32 bpp at 60 hz
    Game window successfully created.
    Using 2x anti-aliasing
    Creating Direct3D device…
    Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec. Using sum: 0
    Loading fastfile code_post_gfx
    Loading fastfile ui
    Loading fastfile common
    Initializing render targets…
    Requested frame buffer to be 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    DirectX returned a frame buffer that is 24-bit color with 8-bit alpha
    Initializing static model cache…
    Initializing dynamic buffers…
    Initializing particle cloud buffer…
    Creating Direct3D queries…
    Loading fastfile ‘code_post_gfx’
    used 1.13 MB memory in DB alloc
    Loading fastfile ‘ui’
    used 39.48 MB memory in DB alloc
    Setting initial state…
    DirectX reports 256 MB of video memory and 435 MB of available texture memory.
    Using video memory size to cap used texture memory at 240 MB.
    Texture detail is set automatically.
    Using picmip 0 on most textures, 1 on normal maps, and 3 on specular maps
    Error: Could not load material “water_droplet”.
    Error: Could not load material “water_dynamic_spray”.

    ——- sound system initialization ——-

    Error during initialization:
    Unhandled exception caught

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