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Security Folks out there: Free alternative to BitLocker

July 10th, 2008 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Bitlocker was introduced when Vista was in the works, and Bitlocker became one of Microsoft’s key feature in pushing Windows Vista to the corporate customers.

For the people who doesn’t know what Bitlocker is: Bitlocker is a drive encryption technology by Microsoft. Unlike EFS (Encrypted File System) which is a file level encryption technology, Bitlocker will encrypt the entire disk or volume or partition. OS and data files would be encrypted.

The bad news is, Bitlocker comes only in Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate editions…

If you need a full disk encryption but do not have the $$$ to purchase any of the above Windows Vista license, introducing – TrueCrypt 6.

TrueCrypt 6 is a full disk encryption just like Bitlocker, but it can do more than Bitlocker (sorry Microsoft!). Depending on the password that you input during the bootup, TrueCrypt will load the respective operating system the password corresponds to. So if you are being “knife-pointed” and was asked for your OS password, you can provide the thelf/attacker the password to load a not-so-important-operating system. Savvy?

TrueCrypt 6 Creating a volume in TrueCrypt

So how is it better/worse than Bitlocker? Here is my breakdown:

Pros of TrueCrypt:

– Much more flexible/More options VS Bitlocker: Simple straightforward wizard
– Different password to load different OS VS Bitlocker: Can only protect one OS/Not so straightforward if 2 or more OSes need to be protected.
– Type of encryption can be specified VS Bitlocker: Microsoft sets the Encryption for you.
– Protect/Hide different volumes VS Bitlocker: Not supported…

Cons of TrueCrypt:

– Too many options – Normal users tend to stay away VS Bitlocker: Straightforward process.
– Not easy/Not hard to setup VS Bitlocker: Easy to setup if using Bitlocker Drive Preparation Tool.

So which one do you prefer? Which is better? Why? Have your say!

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Exporting Settings from Microsoft Office Communications Server gives error 0x80041010

July 9th, 2008 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

I was exporting the settings for Microsoft Office Communications Server today, using the command line tool LCSCMD.exe.

The output was:

Executing “Export Configuration”
Executing “Validate File”
Executing “Establish WMI Connections”
Check the log file “C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1.OCS\LOCALS~1\Temp\export[2008_07_09][15_39_26].html” for details.
ERROR (0x80041010):

On opening the log file, I was presented with the following helpful unhelpful log file.

 (click to enlarge)

Thanks to Google, I searched using the error as the keyword and found out that this error means “An error message of 0x80041010 means that you are trying to reference a WMI class that does not exist.”

The syntax that I used was:

lcscmd /config /action:export /level:machine /configfile:c:\backup\ocsserversettings.xml /

Where it should be:

lcscmd /config /action:export /level:machine /configfile:c:\backup\ocsserversettings.xml /

Stupid me… Duh!!

But I think the error in the log file should be more helpful tho.

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Happy Birthday MSBLOG

July 1st, 2008 by Patrick S

Hi Reader,

Today is in-fact MSBLOG’s third birthday-Where have the years gone?

It seems that I write this post every year on this very date and reminisce of past times.
The sad fact of the matter is that everyone has moved on now it seems.
Here’s what some of the best people I have known are up to these days:

  • -Zack is now studying at Kent University (studying Computer Science at the very home of Bluejay-a Java compiler used by many first year CS students around the world). Zack is also blogging for ZDNET ( where he keeps tabs on the technology world from a student’s point of view.
  • -Andre N has just landed an internship with Google (Congrats)-He starts on the 8th as a developer
  • -Jabez is in his final year at College
  • -I am in my 2nd to last year of college-I am a Microsoft Student Partner for MSDNAA and I work for IBM.
  • -Joseph is studying at College
  • -Patrick E is still working for Microsoft in a permanent position and frequently travels the world
  • -Dennis has started his own company in Germany as a consultant
  • -As for the others, sorry, I don’t particularly know what you do full time but they’re excelling in their chosen IT field.

Although the blog is not updated all that often, we will defiantly put on the odd post here and there.

Happy Birthday MSBLOG,  Thanks for reading 🙂

Patrick Squire

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