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Ballmer attacked by an “Egg Thrower”?

May 20th, 2008 by Patrick S

From Budapest, Hungary, comes news of a strange — and perhaps scary — moment for Steve Ballmer today. The Microsoft chief executive was speaking at Corvinus University when a protester interrupted and started throwing eggs at him, according to report on the Hungarian-language Index news site. Here’s the Index video of the incident, via YouTube:

Video from HU TV2 channel:

Before throwing what appeared to be three eggs, the protester demands that Microsoft give back money “stolen” from the Hungarian people. He wore a shirt that said “Microsoft = Corruption.” It’s difficult to hear, but Bloomberg News, citing the Index report, says that the protester “yelled that Ballmer should pay back taxpayer money.”

After taking cover behind a desk, a clearly surprised Ballmer recovered and resumed his presentation as the protester was led out of the room. “It was a friendly disruption,” he said, pacing around and grinning. “That broke my train of thought.”

News Source: SeattlePI
and Thehotfix

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