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Treat your eyes to some Consolas

April 23rd, 2008 by Patrick S

Picture this: You’re a developer who frequently writes console applications. Each day after work you go home and head to bed, you close your eyes and burnt into the darkness is the ever so familiar output of command prompt jargon.
Does the above sound like you? Sick of screen-burn in your eyes?
Well Microsoft have answered your call to give your eyes a rest 🙂

Introducing the “Consolas” font Microsoft developed specifically for developers!!

“When we began work on a project to create a new set of fonts which would take maximum advantage of ClearType, we decided to develop a fixed-pitch font for developers – because no one ever thought of their needs, and we realized a highly-readable fixed-width font would make their lives a lot easier…
…The Windows International fonts team is also working on another version that’ll support Vietnamese, and also the line draw characters that we made to support the console window.”


See for yourself-This image (as shown on IE blog is of the standard 8 x 12Px Raster font used by default in CMD.exe

Compare this to the Consolas type fonts:


You can defiantly see how much more cleaner and easy to read the new font looks compared to the old Raster font (you can’t fit as much on the screen – it’s a trade off for the best in my opinion)

Now, this font comes bundled with Microsoft Office 2007 but if you don’t happen to have Office installed or available to you Microsoft have provided a download for the font from here.
To install the font simply do the following in CMD.exe

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont" /v 00 /d Consolas


Note: In Windows Vista, you need to run the reg command from an elevated command prompt… When you log back in, Consolas will be an option in the “Command Prompt” Properties.

That should make the reading of Command Prompt output a whole lot more easier… Still, personally this font reminds me of the font used within Konsole/Terminal in Linux.

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