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New Shipment of Vista Ultimate Extra’s (Of Sorts)

April 23rd, 2008 by Patrick S

After months of being left in the dark after the first release of Microsoft Ultimate Extra’s for Windows Vista’s Ultimate edition Microsoft surprised us yesterday with some new content.

I admit  surprised is sort of the wrong word used to describe my feelings for the latest batch of Ultimate Extra’s…
But nonethe less – Get ready to justify Ultimate’s large price tag because today we were gifted a few cheesy Windows sound effects, some language packs and a couple more mediocre Windows Dream-scene wallpapers.

…Sure in the past we were rewarded with Texas Hold’em Poker as well as Windows Dream scene, with promises of more to come but the latest instalment has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth-I think it’s time Microsoft woke up and actually fulfilled their promise and take care of the little guy!

…But who knows, perhaps its just a Taste of whats to come?

The WoW Starts now?

Added Feature?: Windows Live Photo Show NOW appears in the list of apps to which sound events may be added. New sound effects to come?

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4 Responses

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I’m an IT Consultant and use Vista a lot on many computer. Ultimate and Extras are great, I love the HD dreamscapes, but it’s all lost because the screen savers can’t show that video. The only time someone could see these great HD dreamscapes on my duel 22″ dell monitors is when I’m not there, but the screen saver comes on for security so they see nothing!

    Major over sight, it’s very short sided not to allow the same video to be played on my screen saver! I wish you and Microsoft would listen and ask us the customers, I have so many basic features we need but no one listens to us.

  2. Jabez Gan [MVP] Says:

    Hey Jeremy,

    I do agree on having screensaver playing a video, but I guess the original idea of dreamscene is just to have it on the background, since most of the time the user want to see a vid/moving background more than their own vid/moving screensaver.

    What other ideas do you have on Windows? I would appreciate it if you can list all of them and send to me at mingteikg [a t ] blizhosting. com 🙂

  3. Patrick S Says:

    Hey there Jeremy thanks for the feedback,

    I agree-the HD dreamscenes are pretty awesome indeed (infact I use the first set that MSFT provided us in the first Ultimate upgrades distrubution).

    Thanks for the feedback I also think its a great idea, if Jabez has not already I’ll submit the idea to MSFT.

    By the way, I checked out your blog-nice work man 😀

  4. Melissa Says: