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Get the new face of Windows XP, Before it eXPires!!!

January 6th, 2008 by Patrick S


2008 Is here, its now time to face the truth… The clock is ticking on Microsoft’s Windows XP. And whilst Microsoft may view this as a natural stage in the evolution of a product that was RTM’ed (released to manufacturing) all the way back in 2001, a healthy proportion of people will fail to see eye to eye with the company on this one. In this context… Windows Vista.xptarget

Vista In 2007

Even with Vista hot off the presses, XP did not give one inkling that it was going to give up the fight, with Microsoft focusing on winding XP up for good-Ending support for SP1 and soon to be SP2.

-Microsoft’s Windows Product Management vice president Mike Nash on September 27th: “with more than 60 million licenses sold as of this summer, Windows Vista is on track to be the fastest-selling operating system in Microsoft’s history.”
They had done it-sold over 20 million licences in the first month since RTM, passing 40million within the first 100days and 60 million by mid 2007. The last statistics made available to the public, dating back to the end of October, pointed to over 88 million Vista copies sold worldwide.

At the end of 2007, according to statistics provided by Net Applications, Vista enjoyed a market share of 10.48% – a percentage roughly synonymous with 100+ million sold copies. And while in just a single year Vista’s install base has passed the combined audience of Mac OS X and all the Linux distributions, its performance is still perceived with nuances of failure. And at fault is Windows XP with its roots firmly dug in for the past six years.

Vista’s Problem

Currently Vista (in general) leaves a lot to be desired-to be honest it’s just how I feel. Sure SP1 comes out this year, and there is still hope that Microsoft will boost Vista up to the OS that it has the potential to be, but lets face it-there are A LOT of users who wont go with the flow. Admittedly Vista HAS grown on me since I first tested it a couple of years ago-I have the upmost confidence SP1 will change my mind for the better.

Let’s explore what’s gone down with Vista last year:

  • Dell, HP and Acer have all asked Microsoft to extend XP’s availability for an additional 6 months due to the concerns of customers.
  • Many Businesses have been slow to adopt Vista due to poor performance and compatibility issues.
  • Complaints have arisen regarding performance issues and the fact that Vista is so damn hungry.

XP’s Future

2008 Marks another milestone for Microsoft Windows-No it’s not Service Pack 1. It’s the real upgrade to Vista (SP0)… XP’s Service Pack 3. This final major update to XP has been dubbed by some as the Vista without the crap.

Although XP was faster than Vista before, SP3 ups the ante. Microsoft has said that SP3 features about 1073 fixes and adds some cool features from Vista to make your experience far better. Using Vista after XP seems weird-no device incompatibility warnings, pop-ups asking for permission and poor performance.

Sure this may not seem like big improvements and most of the fixes included in SP3 can already be found on Vista, but isn’t that the issue here? Now that XP is more secure and already sports any and all drivers you are currently using without costing hundreds of dollars to implement, couldn’t it be said that XP is simply the better choice? … It just works!!!

Sadly the end of June (30th )2008 marks the day where Windows XP will no longer be available pre-loaded on computers from original equipment manufactures or from retail outlets. Starting with the summer of this year (4th Quarter) and ending sometime in 2010, when windows 7 is planned, end users will only have access to Windows Vista. XP will survive a little longer with System Builders until early 2009, and until mid 2010 with the Starter edition, but sales of the Windows operating system connected with white-box PC’s are only a fraction of the Windows client businesses.

What about the Big Picture?

In the end, it’s not all about the support life-cycles and marketing, not by a long shot. With SP1, Vista will enter its first stage of evolution and with that a massively increased user-base. This will lead better support and compatibility, to increased reliability and boosted performance-XP will fade to the background and Vista will take centre stage.

So…While Office 07 and Vista get their first Service Packs-Windows XP will get its last.

I Say “Viva La XP” but Bring on Vista SP1 😀

Stats and info sourced from cnet and softpedia

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2 Responses

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Cant the world just have both for a while longer, If I was Microsoft I would phase XP out more gradually.

    Get rid of XP home first, as its cheap and most bussinesses will use XP Pro. Bussinesses will demand continued support for XP Pro and currently wont touch Vista, and no doubt many Bussinesses are waiting for Windows 7.

    If people want XP make them pay for it, but dont get rid of it as a choice thats just silly.

    And is it just me or are all these editions of Vista just stupid, get rid of Vista Home Basic at least, as its a crippled OS, it has so many features people like removed like Vista Aero.

    To aid with the phase out allow users of Home Basic to upgrade to Vista Home Premium for Free, even if their machine cant run aero, just leave Aero off by default.

    Then to compensate people who purchased Home Premium or higher give them a free download of a Microsoft Program like OneNote or Expressions Web or Publisher or Streets and Trips or Money.

    I know why Microsoft made Home Basic… so they can make money with the Anytime Upgrade… however Home Basic just makes Vista look and feel bad.

    Its time to make people feel appreciated for using Microsoft Products.

  2. Patrick S Says:

    Hey Jimmy thanks for the comment,

    Many bussinesses/colleges/schools are indeed sticking with XP for several reasons…too expencive to update and the setup they have is…well…simply good!

    I agree basic is a junky OS but thats because I know a few things or two about Windows. Its targeted at the entry-level computer user so it might just be what they need.

    I can really see where your comming from though!