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Delayed Startup of Windows startup applications

January 4th, 2008 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Are you experiencing a loooooooooooooong startup of Windows due to the startup of not-so-important applications, like OneNote or Adobe Gamma Loader? Or maybe you want Microsoft Office Outlook to run automatically after Windows loads? Fear no more, there’s a quick app by Clint Rutkas called “Delayed Startup” which will help you!

From his blog,

“Why did I create a delayed startup program?  After I saw all the stuff my manager had booting up on his computer, I thought this may be useful.  His computer really wasn’t terribly usable for a good 10 minutes after a reboot so I decided to spend a few minutes and create him a nice program while I’m at a .Net User Group meeting (they had free food and it was 1 floor up in my building).  My theory is most of the programs in your startup folder aren’t actually needed asap.  I don’t need OneNote open right away, I don’t need a bunch of other stuff right away.  The nice thing is now I can have Visual Studio, Outlook, IE, and a few other programs I run everyday not impact me restarting my computer’s bootup time since they’ll do a gradual loading sequence.”

More information of Delayed Startup can be found at ,  which includes the Setup program.

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