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FrontPage Server Extensions for IIS7

September 11th, 2007 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

If you are a .NET Developer, and you might found out that Vista( or Windows Server 2008) is not including the FrontPage Server Extensions for IIS7, this component which is important when hosting a ASP or ASP.NET web site.

A good news from IIS.NET, they are going to make a seperate installion package for you to install the FrontPage Server Extensions for IIS7. Althought it is still in Beta stage, you may try to install and test on it.


Microsoft and Ready to Run Software have released a beta version of the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions (FPSE 2002) for Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” and Windows Vista.


This version of FPSE 2002 introduces no new functionality, and is essentially the same version that was created for Windows Server 2003 that has been updated to work on Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” and Windows Vista.


FPSE 2002 enables web hosters and developers to author their web content on servers or workstations that are running IIS 7.0 on Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” and Windows Vista.


The following role services and features are required to install FPSE 2002 on Windows Code Name “Longhorn”; if they are not already installed on your computer, they will be installed for you automatically when you install FPSE 2002:

1. Web Server (IIS) Role Services:
  a. Web Server
    1) Common HTTP Features (Static Content, Default Document, Directory Browsing, HTTP Errors)
    2) Application Development (ISAPI Extensions, ISAPI Filters)
    3) Security (Windows Authentication, Request Filtering)
    4) Health and Diagnostics (HTTP Logging, Request Monitor)
    5) Performance (Static Content Compression)
  b. Management Tools (Role Services)
    1) IIS 6 Management Compatibility (IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility)
    2) IIS Management Console
2. Features:
  a. Windows Process Activation Service
    1) Process Model

[Source from IIS.NET] More Detail Here

(Specially thanks for news reporter, Tony Cheung from Hong Kong)

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