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Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 RTMed!

August 5th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Did you know that Office Communications Server 2007 has RTMed on July 29th?

So what can you expect with OCS, and what is included in this release?

  • Software powered VoIP: by using a smart end-point (aka a PC), OCS and Communicator 2007 allow a much richer experience than traditional VoIP systems.
  • Software economics: OCS works with a broad range of devices, phones, applications from a wide range of partners.
  • Voice quality: The listening and call quality offered by a pre-release version of Office Communications Server 2007 was “considerably better than that provided by [a leading provider’s] IP phones,” according to an independent benchmark study conducted by Psytechnics, a firm specialising in voice-quality research.
  • Easy transition: Companies can get more value from their existing PBX systems, networks and desk phones by using Office Communications Server to add VoIP and unified communications capabilities without ripping and replacing existing investments.
  • Streamlined communications: click-to-call from Outlook, Word, Sharepoint and other apps – including the ability to simply add presence and telephony/video to LOB or custom applications/websites.
  • Tools that travel: It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office sitting at your desk, working from home, or sitting at a coffee shop – you still have all of your communications tools available.  In fact right now I am writing this from a hotel in Seattle.  My girlfriend in Sydney can dial my local 02 phone number and I take the call over here on my PC.  All of this without a VPN!!  As long as I have web access, then I can make and receive calls – and due to our adaptive codecs (more info below) it doesn’t matter that I am running across an unreliable unmanaged network (aka the Internet).


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  1. computerdude28 Says:

    jesus christ has anyone looked at your “Vista: Speech Recognition” page?? It could use a little fixing…

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  3. Patrick S Says:

    Whats wrong with it?