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Vista + IE7’s default security: Blocked site from stealing info

May 15th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

At the ToorCon Seattle (beta) conference, Web application security specialist Robert Hansen (RSnake) demoed Mr-T (Master Recon-Tool), a new utility that combines information disclosure flaws in Internet Explorer and Firefox to collect information on a target’s computer system.

Basically, it will attempt to use Javascript to cough up information about ones’ browser details, eg: version of browser, what plugins are running/enabled, location of the machine, internal IP of the machine etc.

However on a Vista with IE7 running, “Access denied” error will be shown. This is because Vista + IE7 has Javascript disabled by default.

Please test your browser here:

Through the above website it can also show you what gmail address you are using.

More information:

Does it work on IE7 on Windows XP?

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One Response

  1. UrbanGeek Says:

    This does work on XP! I did not however see where it could tell what my gmail address is.