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It’s a day I’d hoped wouldn’t come – but here we are – Thank You for all You have done!

May 14th, 2007 by Patrick Elliott

I’ve been in Redmond (Washington) for a year now – I actually arrived here May 12th, 2006.  It’s been a long ride but given the opportunity, I wouldn’t change anything. Today marks the MED (Maximum End Date) of my contract at Microsoft. 

For those of you not familiar with contracting at Microsoft, essentially it means I have to take a 100 day break in service.  If it were up to me, or anyone on our team – believe me I wouldn’t be going anywhere 🙂It’s been a bittersweet day – I had lunch with many of my friends I’ve made from this and other teams – I’ve been holding off tears all day long – not of sadness, but rather happy of all I’ve accomplished, and upset from having to leave what I’ve grown to love.

To our beta customers, testers, MVPs and partners – you guys have been an awesome group to work with — your contribution to Windows and to the team I have worked with is tremendous – and you should be very proud.

I’m looking around for Full-Time opportunities with Microsoft, but one way or another I’ll be back here just like old times – full of new ideas and a smile because I know I’ll have all of you guys to work with again.Until then, please continue to help out the beta effort — the team members I leave behind are top-notch, and I hope you’ll grow to work with them just as many of you have worked closely with me.

Thank you again for all you have done for me, for your fellow beta sites, and for Windows –


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3 Responses

  1. Kristan M. Kenney Says:

    Patrick, you managed to go from a beta tester like us to a Microsoft employee and not change a single bit, and to top it off you shared the beta experience with us through your efforts with selfhosting.

    Here’s to one of the most enthusiastic beta team members that I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to – and I’m sure that after your 100 day break in service you’ll be back in action hammering away at something labelled “beta” 😉

  2. Patrick S Says:

    Whats about your friends mate 😛 ?
    Patrick I commend you I only hope that I could oneday achieve what you have done…Working for MSFT.

    You’ll be back there in no time-and ill be over there to visit 🙂

  3. Patrick Elliott Says:

    Thanks buddy! If they’re smart they’ll hire me back full time. We’ll see what transpires though.. 🙂