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Power management of Windows Vista Vs Windows XP

May 11th, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Windows Vista, the latest and currently the greatest OS by Microsoft, comes with numerous improvements, which includes better Power Management.

Power Management is claimed to be better with the introduction of the Sleep mode, and ther tweaks which includes timing to turn off the hard disk, show the screensaver etc. But what does HP says about it?

“It’s a little scary,” said John Wozniak, a distinguished technologist in HP’s notebook engineering department, referring to the work HP needed to do on making Windows Vista more suitable for notebooks.

It is all caused by the introduction of Aero glass, which takes more GPU thus more electricity to run it. Due to the high power that Vista needs, HP and other OEMs have started to modify and optimize the power management that comes with Vista to provide users with a longer lasting battery time for laptop users.

However according to Microsoft’s own whitepaper on the study of power consumption of Vista Vs XP,

“Aero graphics have a negligible impact on overall power consumption.

Vista also addresses many of the arguments that have blocked companies from adopting a powermanagement strategy. The Sleep state is now much more reliable, and the user experience is not harmed – the fact computers resume from Sleep in under two seconds is almost the same amount of time that a screen takes to reactivate from Idle mode in Windows XP. Vista also has built-in management tools via Group Policy.”

What? Aero graphics have a negligible impact on overall power consumption? I do agree that the fact that Vista is more superior than XP in Power Management, but due to other reasons like the introduction of Aero, laptop battery life is actually much shorter!

What do you all think? Is your battery life shorter in Vista? If yes, how much shorter compared to XP?


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4 Responses

  1. Joseph Says:

    Vista will have a shorter battery life with Aero enabled. I’ve used Glass2K running on previous versions of Windows and from my experience transparancies always weighed down on the processor, memory and graphics card alot more than a person thinks it would. From what I read Vista was actually supposed to ship with Aero disabled by default on laptops because they were already aware. However with this said, I do believe that Vista makes better usage of the processor, memory, and graphics card than XP. Vista may consume most of your memory, but the memory is actually being used to make your system more responsive and your programs load faster, dare we say that Vista was coded to be intelligent and as well efficient.
    So in summary I just suggest to disable Aero on laptops until technology can give us laptop batteries that don’t explode, don’t develop ‘memory syndrome’ (where it cant hold a charge for a long amount of time), basically they need to add days not hours to battery life. Also, power consumption doesn’t truely come from the operating system, but from the operating system’s HARDWARE. Yes.. maybe technology can focus in on power optimization from the hardware up and let Microsoft focus on optimizing Windows from the software up.

  2. Jabez Gan [MVP] Says:

    Very well said. But to the normal users, when we ask them what does Vista offer, their one and only impression is the transparency effect, no more; thus I think this is still the selling point for normal users out there and they will be disappointed that Aero glass is disabled on laptop.

    But for geeks like us (which we are not the majority users of Vista in the near future), we will be complaining about power consumption…

  3. Wilfred Says:

    When in XP
    my laptop would show 3hr 40+min with a low power cooler plugged in
    in Vista, without the cooler…the max is 2hr

  4. Patrick S Says:

    Woah!! That is a big decrease in power avaliable to you!