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Live TV Giveaway

April 6th, 2007 by Kristan M. Kenney

The people over at are giving away two invites to the Windows Live for TV beta. For the most interesting 2 stories about “how has technology got you into trouble?”, they will send the invites to the best stories.

“Technology has got me into trouble before. I was at a party, this weird girl gave me her number so I typed it in and put as the name (without her seeing me) “Hayley – weird”. I went to the same club a few weeks later, the same girl saw me and asked why I hadn’t called her. I told her I didn’t have her number – she persued this and took my phone, and entered in her number again. When she went to save it, it said “Do you want to replace ‘Hayley – weird’?” That got me into hot water with a few of her friends.”


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