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Microsoft changes mind on Vista and Thin-Client computing…

April 3rd, 2007 by Patrick S

Spring is in the air, and like many of us, Microsoft is looking to slim down for summer. Despite its former reluctance to support thin-client computing, it looks like Microsoft has loosened up and clarified its licensing when it comes to thin clients. MSFT has claimed that it will loosen the strings that it currently has on thin-client licensing a more “supported” feature in its Windows OS rather than the gray area it currently is now.

First, they are going to permit streaming Vista directly to thin clients, allowing it to boot from the network instead of a local hard drive-until now it was only really a Unix/Linux (and MacOS) concept. This means that any updates/program installs made on the server will be applied to the Thin-clients as soon as the next user ‘logs on’. This is because the OS resides on the server itself.
The use of this technology is all well and good but impractical in some instances because the use of Thin-clients chews up huge amounts of bandwidth!

The other change is a new subscription license called Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktops (VECD).VECD lets you host Vista as virtual machines on something like VMware or Virtual PC. Currently, in my environment we do something along these lines. VPN users connect to a farm of VMware ESX servers running multiple copies of Windows via RDP. Since they are just using RDP, we only need one port open on our firewall, which keeps home PC cooties off our network. Since it’s to a PC that’s actually a virtual machine on ESX it’s simple to expand the number to meet increased demand.

Until now, this has been a gray area as far as licensing is concerned; with VECD it is now legitimate, although there is supposed to be a fee schedule based on the number of devices you are using it with. The cost will be different for full PCs and thin clients, but Microsoft’s announcement does not go into much detail.

Only time will tell…

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