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Sony… you’re late!

March 23rd, 2007 by Zack Whittaker


Microsoft rained on the parade of the Sony Playstation 3 today, by rolling out a number of publicity stunts. At the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street in London, Microsoft employee’s (and people I know) from the London office handed out chairs to those queuing that had a website address printed on them. – says it all really! Go Microsoft.

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16 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    xbox is sucks, ps3 is the best of the best, xbox is cheating on every gamer claim that it’s a gaming machine,but simply a sucking pc. hoho

  2. Leo Says:

    That’s ture!!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Way to represent the PS3-fans above.

    It’s quite amusing how the website said “Sony… you’re late.” Considering the Xbox was released two years after the Playstation 2, I didn’t notice Sony sending out a “Microsoft… you’re late” message back then.

    These tactics in my mind speak desperation.

  4. Richard Says:

    Xbox is really suck, every asian will prefer ps.

  5. Jon Dough Says:

    What about all the nonsense Sony have been spewing over the last 2 years? Making fun of MS and their 2 SKU sales plan only for them to follow suite, or boast about 1080p gameplay when the majority of PS3 games only run at 720p, or the removal of hardware backwards compatibility from PAL machines. Hmm I wonder which company is actually desperate, especially considering that in terms of sales in the US (the biggest gaming market), the PS3 is dead last. BTW “Asians” are welcome to prefer the PS3. If anyone wants to know about Asian tastes, just listen to the music they “prefer” :D.

  6. William Wu Says:

    i Love Microsoft

  7. Danny Says:

    X-BOX is rubbish the PS2 came before the original x-box and the x-box 360 and now there is to be an x-box 360 v2 x-box will be lnog gone before the ps3.

    jon dough:- MS is adding hdmi to the v2 360 so stop talking rubbish about HD MS know they are going to lose out thats why the v2 is being rushed just like the 360 was rushed and why they produced a HD add-on drive for the 360.

  8. Jon Dough Says:

    Until MS provides an official announcement about the XBox 360v2 you are just speculating. Sony on the other hand have already released a PS3v2 after only 6 months. Unfortunately it isn’t an improvement either. Adding a HDMI port and a HD-DVD drive is a lot nicer of a proposition than charging more for a machine WITHOUT hardware backwards compatibility. So Danny-boy, do us all a favour and grow a brain :D.

  9. za Says:

    xbox360 is really good for gamer. Also, PS series most like the rubbish. All Asian more prefer PS? Are you still living in 90s last century? I am an Asian, I like xbox360, either Wii. But not PS3.

  10. Zac B Says:

    Most of you have no sense. You’re the same crowd who I would have shown 2 of the same games, one running on ps(1) and the other on xbox. Ps would have been choppy and slow while the original xbox smooth and fast yet SO many of my friends said “ah I dunno, I just think the playstation is better…” f’ing idiots. Luckily they finally gave up their stupid devotion and went with the better product, at least when the 360 came out.

  11. Pedro Cadiz Says:

    Microsoft have got a cheek! How late was windoze Vista? Pot, Kettle, Black.

  12. Jon Dough Says:

    So it’s ok for Sony to be hypocrites, but god forbid if MS do it. Quid,Pro,Quo Pedro.

  13. Chris Says:

    Now that is some funny comments above.

    LOL! xbox is suck. Some tard up there compared an XBOX 360 to a PS2. That is about the most ignorant thing I’ve seen in awhile.

    That’s like the time that the Oracle guy told me that comparing Oracle 10 to SQL 2005 would be like looking at Windows 3.1 for them.

    Always look at your competition. That is how Microsoft keeps taking a market over. A stupid comment like “Xbox suck” doesn’t help anyone. Tell my why the PS3 is better and why it is better to spend that much money for nothing.

  14. Will Says:

    That interesting disclaimer I just read…you know you are now breaking the law, making a disclaimer that is obviously untrue. Viral advertising is legal, but not when you claim that the site isn’t connected to the company, when it clearly is. Perhaps you’re bending the truth, and working for Microsoft’s PR companies doesn’t connect you to Microsoft itself, but at any rate, this is no different to that “All want for Christmas is a PSP” site, which had to be shut down. You’re bloody criminals, and if you think that claiming that the blog isn’t connected to Microsoft, but oh look! the people who make the blog might be connected to Microsoft, makes it better, then, well you don’t think that actually, it’s just a sly way of fooling lesser minded people to believe that this is genuine, and not from the company as Viral Advertising. “Go Microsoft”. Why do you even bother? You’ve just wasted 10 minutes of my time, and unless I find this disgusting blog to be shut down later, I want my 10 minutes time back. Frankly, for your dishonesty in creating such a vile piece of Viral marketing that so grotesquely masquerades to be genuine, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and I for one am sickened.

  15. Patrick S Says:

    Are you serious?!? Thats your problem!!

    You spent YOUR 10 min’s by choice.
    I think its sad that people like you complain on sites like these (which was made as a HOBBY by several MSFT beta testers) would write a lengthy paragraph regarding our disclaimer.

    What a looser…we at MSBLOG dont need people such as you wasting our time.
    Thank you.

  16. i-ghost Says:

    In response to:
    “xbox is sucks, ps3 is the best of the best, xbox is cheating on every gamer claim that it’s a gaming machine,but simply a sucking pc. hoho”

    It is, it runs a stripped-down version of the Windows 2000 kernel capable of running Direct X 9 and even Linux. For that we are proud.

    Shame, the PS3 had two whole years to improve on hardware but they didn’t, it isn’t technically advanced at all. The architecture fails the console’s hardware. After all, only about half the cores on the cell chip are active. 4 million live users, iptv, movies on demand, media center extender, live messenger on the 360, cross-platforming; it gets better and better. And before you start blamming, yes I have access to a PS3, yes it does do a good job at doing what it needs to do but it still sucks, badly. I also have acces to a 360, gamecube, ps2 and psx and of course and original xbox.
    Top 3:
    Xbox 360, ‘cos of the games.
    Xbox, ‘cos of the games.
    Gamecube, ‘cos it has better graphical and gameplay quality than the ps2. (Look at Resi4 on the two consoles, gamecube looks and plays smoother)

    Oh yeah, no Bioshock, Splinter cell 5 or early GTAIV release for the PS3.

    Ninja Gaiden 2 is THE only reason you should piss your pants and buy a 360. No Team Ninja/Tecmo games either for the PS3 then.

    Xbox Live arcade is always ther for the more casual gamer, too.

    Did I even mention Halo 3?