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Windows Vista Lab @ Beijing Day 2

February 8th, 2007 by laidaniel

Today, The topics were focus on Consumer.

1. In Windows Vista, You can add more than 1 clock (Max 3)in the system tray for show the time of difference cities.

2. Windows Vista Supports Multiple Languages. All of the Language Packs are avaliable on Windows Update. You can download and install it easily.

3. Windows Vista supports unicode in Notepad, Wordpad.

4. 208 Languages Enablement, 8 Speech Regconition, 12 Handwriting languages

5. Microsoft Provide Locale Builder for Windows Vista, You can download and create your own locale. And the Keyboard Layout Creator.

6. There are Chinese Live Search and Chinese Live Image Search on the web. You can search anythings in Chinese.

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