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Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 3 Open Beta

February 4th, 2007 by laidaniel

In addition to providing the latest fixes for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003, Service Pack 3 (SP3) adds capabilities to enhance the software and hardware inventory functionalities provided in SMS 2003. Enabled through a new library of over 400,000 software titles, SMS SP3 provides rich reporting about installed applications and hardware to help organizations make better business decisions about their IT assets. New capabilities enable:

• License Reporting: New reports enable comparison of Microsoft applications installed with licenses purchased as well as how those titles were obtained (for example: volume licensing, retail, or OEM) for better optimization of software use across the organization and fewer unutilized applications.
• Software Consolidation: View applications by category to better see how many different applications with similar functions and versions are deployed in the organization and make consolidations. The result is accelerated application standardization, a more streamlined support structure, and the ability to maximize volume discounts from software vendors.
• Upgrade Planning: Identify core and non-core applications in order to understand what applications require migration to the new environment. Software consolidation aids upgrade planning by reducing the number of applications that need compatibility testing. Identify hardware assets that need upgrading based on comparisons to published operating system hardware requirements. The result is more efficient planning and streamlined execution for upgrading users to Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Full Windows Vista Support

Deploy Windows Vista with the SMS 2003 Operating System Deployment Feature Pack update. Manage it post-deployment with SMS 2003 via SMS SP3 as you would Windows XP or another operating system. With SMS SP3, administrators can:

• Deploy Windows Vista updates
• Deploy applications to Windows Vista client computers
• Perform software and hardware inventory for Windows Vista client computers


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  2. Pamela Says:

    Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem: I recently(Feb-March) did a merge with 4 main documents, and 4 corresponding merge docs. I had also done this back in December (and prior to that as well but December was the last merge prior to this one).
    In my main doc, the opening paragraph was a stagnent or dead paragraph. It contained no merge fields (in this current one or any of the previous merges I had done). In this latest merge I just did in Feb-March, in the opening “dead” paragraph, it seems to have picked up the opening paragraph from one of my previos merges. This happened somewhere in the 2 month process of making changes/edits, forwarding the letters to diff pp for their input, verification, approval, etc.
    When all was ok’d, checked off and the final merge letter was approved by all and sent out (some email and some hard copy), it was noticed/discovered that the opening dead paragraph contained the incorrect language (language that it seems to have picked up and replaced with the language from one of the old merges).
    Has anyone else experienced this? Is this possible?
    Anxiosuly await any and all responses to my question.
    It’s a mystery. I’m baffled. (Baffled in K.C.)