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Windows PowerShell for Vista released!

January 31st, 2007 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

After many months (in fact PowerShell was code-named “Monad”, earlier name was “Microsoft Shell” or “MSH”) of development, it is finally released!

Monad got its first introduction on August 2005, in

After lots of feedback gathering on how it should work and how IT Pros will be using this tool, finally Microsoft thinks it is ready to have it released for Windows Vista platform.

Microsoft originally intended to launch PowerShell along with Windows Vista, but later defined a separate release schedule for PowerShell. Windows PowerShell is the foundation of the administrative experience for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 where everything is done via command line interfaces and the administrative GUI is layered on top of those commands.

But wait no longer, as is now officially released!

  • Download Windows PowerShell 1.0 Installation for X86 Edition
  • Download Windows PowerShell 1.0 Installation for X64 Edition
  • For more details, please visit the following links:


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    1. Petar Smilajkov Says:

      Great! Been waiting for this … Will write about it on my blog as well …