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Vista Count-down begines…

January 29th, 2007 by Patrick S

Well being GMT+13 at the moment (@ 11.04pm) Windows Vista releases to the people of New Zealand in 1 hour. There is no flashy launch party here (as far as I know) however that launch right here in New Zealand means that the main event in New York is literally only hours away.

So what of the launch party in NYC? Well none of the “full time” staff of MSBLOG (so-to-speak) is going however we do have our very own reporter on the scene (a foreign correspondent if you will) associating himself with MSBLOG.
Mr Cullen D will be writing from the launch event that is nearly upon us. Cullen is a keen Vista/Longhorn tester so the articles he will bring us will give us poor people who can’t attend a great insight into what the launch celebration for THE greatest Operating System is like.

So don’t fret-MSBLOG will bring you the goods once again,
Stay tuned,
Look forward to it,
It should be GREAT!!!

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