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Google Adsense – what a waste of bloody time

January 24th, 2007 by Zack Whittaker

I’d like to share my greivances I’ve got with Google, more specifically Google Adsense. My fellow friend Darren Straight had this problem and now I’ve had it. I had advertisements on VistaBase so that I can generate some money through adverts to get me extra cash for when I start university this year. However it seems that someone has gone through my site deliberately clicking on links on the advertisements. Now surely this is what people interested in the products advertised do? Well there must be some fine line between clicking on a few interesting links to “spamming” them. Each advert clicked on generates money for the advertiser (in this case me). It’s not much money, mearly a few cents (in American Dollars) per click thereabouts, but someone’s gone and “spammed” these adverts, causing this email to be sent by Google.

Hello Zack,

Thank you for your appeal.

After receiving your response, we re-reviewed your account data thoroughly. We have reconfirmed that invalid clicks were generated on the ads on your site in violation of our Terms and Conditions and program policies.

We have these policies in place to help ensure the effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as our advertisers. According to our policy on this matter, we are unable to reinstate you into the program.

As you may know, publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed any further participation in AdSense. For this reason, you may not open a new account.

Please bear in mind that subsequent or duplicate appeals may not be considered and you may not receive any further communication from us. We appreciate your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

I’m so incredibly annoyed you cannot believe. For whatever reason, Google cancelled my account because I was nearly at $100 which is the point they pay out the money. Google can’t seem to stand losing money, so much so they’ll do what they can to get out of it. So even if it is someone spamming these adverts, how is that my fault and why should it be me who suffers and has their account unnecessarily removed? It’s bloody annoying I tell you that!

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13 Responses

  1. Juan Carlos Pazos Says:


    This seems to be a common practice of Google. My wife and me have multiple web sites, and many of the was in Adsense program. As you and your friend, one day exactly the same letter.

    That was sometime ago (more than a year), my wife was near $300.00 and me about $100.00. As we are from latinamerica, thought that this happen only with people like us that can not demand Google for do this to us.

    Hope you can find some war to take this too courts, Google can not says just “you violated our policies”. There has to be a better explaneation that this because this always happen when the account is with near to 100 or more.

    Kindest regards (hope Microsoft could have a better advertiser programa than Google).

  2. Daryl Nicholas Says:

    Use Yahoo Publisher ads. They pay better, espacially if your ‘spammers’ are from the US.

  3. Frederic MENI Says:

    Hi Zack,

    Well it doesn’t surprise me coming from Google…

    To forget about that: go to homepage, type “search” and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” ^^

    Try to have a nice day,


  4. Patrick Elliott [MS] Says:

    Frederic – That’s too funny. Guess we rank #1 in the search listings and it’s re-directing 🙂

  5. John Says:

    some alternatives at labnol

  6. Jason Cox Says:

    Thats just another reason why I refuse to use Google ads on any of the websites I operate.

  7. Yosef Says:

    I got rid of my google ads. The space they take up and the ugliness of the design didn’t justify the pennies I was receiving every day. Plus all of the ads were totally off base – nothing my users would be interested in.

  8. Cristi Says:

    Ok, I didn’t like Google from the beggining…except their search engine. In rest.. it sucks! And this is another clear example.
    But one question – if you were rejected, why is their ads still present on this site? 🙂

  9. Patrick S Says:

    We had the same problem from the begining… google cancelled out account-we didnt really have “lots” of money in there but the fact of the matter is we were wrongly shutdown… It really annoys me…we are back with google adsense however but it sitll annoys me I/We could have had several “payouts” by now if we had that money.

    I can see where everybody is coming from.
    Abuse them Zack and show them this post… it may sway things-they are gtting a bad rep


  10. Andre Nogueira Says:

    That’s the problem with Google Ads – it’s VERY easy to cancel a competitor’s account. And from what I’ve seen on the web, it’s very hard to dispute them.

    Go the route everyone seems to be going these days: create a blog about your problem, where you post everything you’ve done to get your problem solved, and put the blog on Digg 😀

  11. Darren Straight Says:

    Damn, why did it have to happen to you as well! 🙁

    Were not alone though as you can see, and theres plenty of other peeps out there with the same problem.

  12. Nathan Says: and are the only good things by google so far, they make all there extra money from the free advertising that they make from canceling peoples accounts, this also happened to me, i was due about $120 but i am guessing that some people may have spammed it, and google canceled my account.
    Ever since this i have lots lots of trust in google.
    I would rather google deduct the spam money then cancel the account all together.

  13. samiha esha Says:

    well nice piece of article….thanks i got some clear idea about google Advertise…:)

    Samiha Esha 🙂