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Windows Live Mail hits the next milestone

January 23rd, 2007 by admin

As we were expected, Windows Live Mail was upgraded to M9 (Milestone 9) last night. Some changes include:

  • Much faster loading and advanced Firefox compatibiity (works fully in Firefox 2)
  • The Classic Mode will be the default view from Hotmail users – brand new users won’t be taken to the fully AJAX’d page but to the Classic interface for “ease-of-use” purposes.
  • A new Today page rolls out, including what would be on your Today page in Windows Live Messenger.
  • Recent Updates now added as a tabbed page on the Today page allowing you to switch to what’s changed (blogs, contacts and newsletters etc.)
  • Search bar at the top of the page updated and tweaked slightly for the other themes.
  • New icons added to the right click menus, and generally the right click menus have been added and updated.
  • In Classic view, the top menu bar with “New, Reply, Forward and Delete” have been added to the bottom of each message for ease-of-use for longer messages.

Check the new interface here at Windows Live Mail.



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  1. Kandarp Says:

    The speed is impressive. I have summarized the features with pictures here.!8449BD54E6288575!433.entry