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Explaining the Vanishing Point

January 14th, 2007 by Zack Whittaker

A few people have emailed me over the last few days saying “what is this Vanishing Point?” and I thought it was only fair to really explain it – as it’s got many people perplexed.

It’s a game and a huge marketing campaign alliancing AMD and Microsoft together for Windows Vista. The vanishing point is the 30th January 2007 of which “Loki” disappears, the game finishes and Windows Vista is released for the public to buy.

The game lasts 4 weeks and there are 4 boxes to open up – each with 12 puzzles inside. Each week, there is an event in the real world (the first week it was a projection outside the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the second week it was sky-written messages in Miami) and these events hold a load of clues which help you solve the puzzles in the box for that week.

Once you’ve solved all the puzzles in a box, you’ll get a video from Loki (who is the director of all this, and creates the challenges, supposibly) and gives you an insight into her life or so to speak. Also at the end of each video, flashes up on-screen a part of the website of which leads another puzzle – enter this to the end of the URL and you’ll have the chance to enter another competition.

I’ve spent a good few days trying to work out these puzzles, and then I find out once I’ve completed the first two boxes there’s an entire Wiki website with all the bloody answers there. So if you need any help, the best place to be is the Wiki site. Enjoy!

Vanishing Point Game – Start
Vanishing Point Game – Wiki Help Site

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