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New Windows Vista Test Drive Website

January 7th, 2007 by Patrick S

Remember the Microsoft Office 12/2007 test drive website we blogged about in June 06? This test drive site allowed the common user to try out tasks in a sandbox environment before they bought the product sight unseen.

Well Microsoft have just launched a new test environment site for people to try out many Vista related tasks before the product goes on sale in a few weeks and without having to install Vista on your computer.

Where the Microsoft Office 07 test drive used a Citrix client to connect to the remote server this new Vista test environment seams to use a Virtual Server/Computer plugin to view the test environment in a browser window which I find to be superior when connecting to the sandbox.

All nerdyness aside this innovative idea is sure to win Microsoft customers for their next Generation of Desktop OS be warned however-when I tried it I found the whole thing to be dead slow so be patient its bound to ease up soon.

Find the website here
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2 Responses

  1. Microsoft Launches Windows Vista Business Test Drive at Lorgor Says:

    […] From MSBlog, Microsoft Virtual Labs launches Windows Vista Test Drive site. It give a taste of Windows Vista Business Edition which launched to business customer last November. This site aim to give a test and encourage business customer who heritage to upgrade. It’s seems Vista Business did not gains enough on the first month after launch according to several analysis predicted. Vista Test Drive come rather late comparing to Office 2007. […]

  2. Paul Says:

    Well I tried this testdrive…. Living in Denmark…. the video’s work, but for the rest…. just getting the message that it is not available in my region and/or language. Eventhought I have the English XP Pro version. Think that is bad!!!
    And I filled out that form to get the update to Vista…. and guess what…. you cannot get the Ultimate version. Just the business one. What does one have to do in order to get the Ultimate version. Probably pay again. Strange that that is no-where mentioned on the Windows Microsof pages.