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‘Bill Gates’ signature on a Windows Vista retail box?… Yes

January 6th, 2007 by Dennis Fraederich [MCP]

A friend of me has sent me a link to an offer of They will sell special editions of Windows Vista at the end of january. But what is so special about them?

These editions are called ‘signature edition’ and got a signature of Bill Gates on the front of the retail box. The signature editions seem to be limited because above the sign you will find a consecutive number.


Accordingly to Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE (Signature Edition) will cost 259.00 $.
Other editions of Windows Vista are not available as ‘signature edition’ on yet.


Feel free to post your opinion, ideas etc.


Dennis Fraederich [MCP], a Microsoft Betatester
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10 Responses

  1. Windows Observer Says:

    I put together a post featuring all of the pre-sale Vista and Office stuff and saw this edition and could not see what it was about. Thanks for the post about it.

  2. Jack Says:

    this should be renamed as “Gay Edition”…. who wants to pay even more for Vista, just because it has a signature in the box ?

  3. Dez Says:

    well I would pay more, but is it actually Bill Gates handwritten signature that he wrote individually on each box? That would be cool, If its just a computer reproduction of his signature that isnt as cool… then I would not be interested unless there was a very limited number say 50 copies.

    Bill Gates has done so much for the world with Microsoft and the Gates foundation, you cant help but respect him.

  4. Dez Says:

    Limited = 20,000 copies.

    Pitty really maybe the “00000/20000” labeled copy is worth something but the sheer number kinda devalues the extra value here, still better than the regular upgrade box for sure if your a Bill Gates fan.

  5. Patrick S Says:

    Yeah… I would pay more but then again if it says 20,000 copys it will be a computer generated signature… Its still worth more to me personally but it dosent have that individual touch to it.

  6. Douglas Brown Says:

    I bought one! Why? I work in IT, I started when I was 7 and it was the same year Microsoft was founded. No matter what you think about Bill Gates, I have a nice house and good food and a future because of his hard work. I know a lot of you can and will argue with that but Bill Gates is one of the reason I’m not flipping hamburgers. I look up to him in may ways… Those of you who want to slam him, well, what do you do? Is Linux your ONLY OS? Did you get in to computers because of the Apple? Do you make your moneny 100% on the Apple? If so then go and make fun of Bill but if you work in the IT world today then you can thank Bill G for what you have. You can make fun of me but if you really think about it then you will see that I’m right!!!

    So, $265 dollars later, I will have a copy of Vista on my book shelf… oh, i already own 3 licenses so this is my 4th… 🙂


    Douglas Brown
    Microsoft MVP – Windows Server

  7. Dennis Fraederich Says:

    A real signature of him would be very great. I personally don’t have a real one from Bill Gates but I have a Steve Ballmer signature (a real handmade one) on a retail Windows XP Professional copy. It was a prize I have won in a beta challenge.

  8. Hax-X Says:

    i like the idea of the signature series but not for the sig, More for the fact that the copies will be uniquely numbered.

    As for IT and Bill,—I note that MS has some advantages as does linux, mac and so on. I like and believe in all of them and am NOT bashing Bill— !!!!BUT!!!! historical facts of the evolution of MS …he did NOT do a load of hard work…. Some kid wrote the principals of DOS which he ripped the kid off for and then infiltrated Apple HIMSELF and stole the basic concepts of the GUI and principals of its piloting. Just to release his WINDOWS just ahead of his supposed partner and friend Steve Balmer.

    Douglas Brown!!!! Sorry but i work in the IT biz and i know how it feels when someone cuts your throat to take your credit…. MAN IT reallllllly SUCKSSSSS!!!!!!

    how would you feel if your supervisor took your credit and you sat in the ditch $%&*!

    Bill Suks the hard 1. He is a thief and thieves belong in jail not mantions.

    MS great products i do alot of work in MS and even though they are based on stolen tech they have atleast evolved into something completely unique.

  9. Patrick S Says:

    Hmmm cheers for the comment, Matter of opinion though I guess… Some hold him in high regard as a hero for all the modern stuff he does such as his charitys. 🙂

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