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Upcoming interview with GPM of Windows Live – get your questions in!

December 21st, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Got a treat for you guys! In a series of interviews which will be coming to MSBLOG over the next few weeks, we start off with…

Philippa Snare
Group Product Manager – Live Services – Microsoft UK
She manages a team of UK product managers who are responsible for the end to end
    business plans and strategies for each of the Live Services Products: Mail, Messenger,
    Mobile, Spaces, Domains, Family Safety, Premium Services and Personal Expression.

A highly respected and important figure for Windows Live in the UK, and she’ll be answering your questions on all that is Windows Live. I’ve worked with Philippa for some time in and out the London office during my internship-type-thingy, and she’s a wealth of knowledge for MSN, Windows Live and life within Microsoft.

Get your comments in now! Simply add a comment, and she’ll pick out the best ones and we’ll have a reply here on MSBLOG in a couple of weeks. Closing date: Thursday, 28th December 2006.

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7 Responses

  1. azz0r Says:

    Will Hotmail be replaced by Windows Live Mail in the future?
    The Live strategy has been great so far, how do you plan to evolve the services?

  2. the andyman Says:

    Will there be a service/tool offering full migration of settingson addresses to addresses, for example transferring someone’s Windows Live Space that is linked to their old @hotmail to their new @live, or the messages in their old Hotmail/Windows Live Mail inbox, their Windows Live Alerts settings etc etc

  3. MS Live fan Says:

    1. Will migration from Hotmail to WLM be mandatory? Will Hotmail be gone later??
    2. When will Live Search beat Google? Roughly how many years will it take?

  4. DigitalSpectre Says:

    Does microsoft think live is going to be a good long term venture?
    What makes live so special?
    How are microsoft going to overcome the google angle with Windows Live?
    Did they think it was a good idea to rebrand all services as live, and if so, does that cause confusion in the market space?
    Where do they see Live in 5 years time?
    What things have they go coming up which are good to look out for?
    In one sentance, as a consumer tell me why Live is for me?

  5. azz0r Says:

    Are you looking into possibly making WLM connect with other IM networks?

  6. Dez Says:

    Are there any plans to allow video messaging between live messenger on a pc running windows vista and an xbox360 with a live subscription. It would be great if that could be done, as my brother in the UK is always on his 360, and Im always on my PC (USA).

    If not, are there any techical barriers to doing this?
    or financial/bussiness model hurdles that make this unattractive?

  7. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Also remember guys – she’s very high up in the food chain of Windows Live – so try some marketing typey questions – not so much the technical stuff 🙂 Even it out a little bit 😛 but great comments so far, keep them coming!!