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New build of Windows Server “Longhorn”

December 20th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

There’s a new build up on the ongoing Longhorn Server beta program. It’s the next build up from 5600 which was available back in August. This current build, 6001.16406 will be on Microsoft Connect very soon – just waiting for permissions to propagate across domains.

There’s also an updated copy of the Microsoft Beta Client. Ensure that your new build of Longhorn Server is running this, and another versions running on any other machine are updated accordingly.

Download (Tech beta participants only)

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16 Responses

  1. infreeze Says:

    So wonder when they are gona release new invations for the beta program..

  2. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Nah, not until it’s next major milestone does it open up to the public 🙂

  3. Karan Says:

    I’m downloading this now from Connect … can we use our existing keys from Beta 2? I don’t see any new keys to request.

  4. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Yeh, should be fine.

  5. infreeze Says:

    Weird i got removed from the beta program in the last sec 🙁

  6. brochure printing Says:

    It will be fine.

  7. Microsoft released new Longhorn build at Lorgor Says:

    […] Microsoft released the new build of Windows Server codename “Longhorn”,  stated as December Community Technology Preview (CTP). Build number is 6001.16406 released to beta tester via Microsoft Connect. A while before, the Server Team open up pre-register for coming up Beta 3 where the date for release is not disclose. The possibility is  just after Microsoft release Windows Vista for customer world wide on Jan 30. I run the latest build before this on VPC 2007 but seem there is problem with Plesk 7.6.   […]

  8. hok Says:

    I have unlimited internet access in Indonesia. Using gprs I don’t know if I can manage to download the iso. I think I’ll wait the DVD to be available in local rental :D.

  9. Mac Says:

    another words…your local chinese street vendor…LOL

  10. Real Traction for Tomorrow » Microsoft issues new Longhorn build Says:

    […] The company posted the release, which is the December Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the server OS, on its Microsoft Connect site, according to a posting on MSBlog. Microsoft employees, Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) and testers write the MSBlog. […]

  11. David Says:

    Hi, where does it appear on connect and what is the name for me to look?

  12. Zack Whittaker Says:

    At the top of the downloads list on the Vista beta still. It’s build 6001.

  13. Roma Says:

    My beta program on connect has been renamed and I can see only Final Vista build. Where is the longhorn? 🙁

  14. ゆむかブログ : Windows Longhorn Server build 6001.16406 Says:

    […] Windows Longhorn Server build 6001.16406 New build of Windows Server “Longhorn” » MSBLOGより。 Windows Longhorn Serverの新しいビルド6001.16406がConnectのサイトに登場しているようです。 Josh’s Windows Weblog : How To Enable Aero On Longhorn Server 裏技的な方法のようですが、Aeroのテーマを適用することも可能なようです。 […]

  15. Playing with the new build of Windows Server “Longhorn” at MSTechToday Says:

    […] So I heard there was a new build of Windows Server “Longhorn” released yesterday. […]

  16. Eugene Lyubinskiy Says:

    I have tried to install the new build in Virtual Server R2 SP1 Beta, but ran into problems installing vmaddition. While they install without errors, the system does not appear to be virtualized. Can you confirm the functionality of the new build under Virtual Server.