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What would you like to see on MSBLOG?

December 10th, 2006 by Andrรƒยฉ Nogueira


Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to be active on MSBLOG, but hopefully that will change now ๐Ÿ™‚

As such, I’d like to ask you… what do you want to see on MSBLOG? A summary of the world’s tech news? New content? If so, about what? Windows? Linux? Everything?

Feel free to comment giving ideas and suggestions! I can’t garantee we’ll be able to follow your suggestions (It’s recommended that we know something about the topics we write about ;-)) but we’ll all do our best!

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

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3 Responses

  1. Dez Says:

    Ild like to see some discussion about 3D desktops and if Microsoft plan to include any xgl aigxl (Linux)features in Vienna or Vista via a download. Im no Linux fanboy but I did download Mandriva to check out the 3D wizardry and it would be nice on Windows.

    Linux has progressed a lot during the last few years but I still think Windows is more user friendly.

    I’ld also like to know what good things may come out of the Novell – Microsoft lets work together and not sue each other pact! Will details of NTFS be made public, will Suse Linux be able to write to a NTFS partition reliably?

    I’ld also like to hear about the Xbox 360, and its messaging features, I’ld really love to be able to VIDEO message someone on an Xbox 360 via Windows Live Messenger. Infact I’m suprised that Microsoft hasnt pursed that avenue, and if it needs a test bed use Japan. Why Japan, its small high speed internet, and is the place where MS needs to break the market. Heck make Xbox Live in Japan free for 1-2 years. If theres one thing I see today its that communication between people creates buzz, Microsoft can be Cool, Hip, even in Japan, people think that its only games that sell consoles…but thats not true people sell consoles, you will buy a console for community, Microsoft need to create this community, and take advantage of Microsofts strengths… Microsoft needs to step up and show its leadership!

  2. someone Says:

    I’ve like to see info about Fiji and Vienna..and beforehand info and beta invites for the next Windows versions…and also some articles that highlight where exactly Windows falls behind Mac OS X and Linux.

  3. copy&paste=post Says:

    a original post,
    original logos
    not the copy paste
    beautifully & the real news
    not a post with smile

    because, users can find in microsoft site the news, downloads. what is the real msblog ?

    thats all .. sorry for my feedback