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Technology Guarantee Programs For Microsoft Office & Windows

December 3rd, 2006 by André Nogueira

Those who have recently bought boxed versions of Windows and/or Office programs can now request an upgrade to Vista and/or Office 2007 for a nominal fee.

Elegibility requirements (product bought, date of purchase, etc) and the nominal fee change from region to region, you’ll need to check the details for your country.

From Microsoft’s website:

Thank you for being a valued Microsoft customer! As a show of our appreciation to customers who acquire a qualifying Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2003 boxed product from a retailer or authorized Microsoft reseller during the qualifying eligibility period, we are providing minimal cost upgrades to Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office software.


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2 Responses

  1. someone Says:

    MS please announce Vista Home/Business to Ultimate ANYTIME UPGRADE pricing.

  2. Dez Says:

    Good news, although the US website could be a little more clear, i.e. telling you what dates, retailers etc qualify prior to checkout!