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Your Windows Vista Ultimate Product Key Is Ready!!

December 2nd, 2006 by Patrick S

MSFT beta rewards
Last month it was announced by Microsoft that testers would get a Free copy of Windows Vista RTM for those who had submitted One or more bug in the Technical Beta (it seems not many people can’t understand those two words =/ )

It was revealed today that if you were on the Technical beta that your keys are ready for you to request.
To do so you must select “Product Keys” from the left of the Vista Page on connect. From there you generate yourself a key from the package entitled “Windows Vista RTM Ultimate Keys”.

Each Beta Participant can only generate themselves ONE key only for the selected version that they chose upon apply for this offer (for example they can issue one key for Ultimate OR business-its too late to switch between versions).

So if you are reading this and you are on the beta Get cracking! As this deal is a limited offer!! You must request this key prior to December 10, 2006 because No more keys will be issued after this date.

You Deserve it 😉 😀

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47 Responses

  1. Dez Says:

    Great Deal for those on the technical beta program.

  2. emilio Says:

    is as very good.

  3. KenLin Says:

    is it from I can request one even i did not submit bug?
    I tried to logon to and go to my beta program for Vista, however, I click “product keys” –> “reuqest new Product keys”, I cannot find any for RTM.

  4. Zack Whittaker Says:

    OMG if you didn’t submit any bugs, you don’t get a copy of Vista. If you submitted *one or more* then you get a free copy of Vista. If you qualify for a copy of Vista, you get a free car. Jesus, it’s not hard to get is it?

  5. XTension Says:

    I in general do not have this option though I constantly informed about bugs and have a key from Beta 2 how me to receive to RTM?

  6. René Says:

    I am very pleased 🙂 thank you very much.

  7. Mauro Marani Says:

    Tank you very much

  8. Mauro Marani Says:


  9. Sty Says:

    Thanks a looot 🙂

  10. dave elliott Says:

    great you gus are lifesavers

  11. dave elliott Says:

    thanks u guys r great

  12. ravi Says:

    thanq for giving me the key

  13. sati Says:

    hi all ,
    i have got the Windows Vista Ultimate RTM version installed and its great but i got 30day to input a key , can any send me a working RTM key (iam a beta member ,only got 2 rc 1 keys from microsoft) , which are point less as i got the RTM version installed.

  14. jason Says:

    ThanZ Guy need It really

  15. Kei Says:

    Hi! I only have 2 more days to activate my Windows online…can someone please give me a product key…thank you, send it to my email please thank you. I would really still be able to use Vista because it is a Great new WINDOWS!!

  16. TouriSt Says:

    Hi guys can anyone send to my email windows vista ultimate key bacause i have 6 days to activate and when the 6 days is passed im fucked up because i dont no where my windows xp cd is, so i dont have any working operating system. Im sorry if my english aint good

  17. Carlos Says:

    Hey guys!
    i installed windows vista…..It is so cool….however i need a key because if a don’r insert a key in 26 days windows vista will shut down….and my windows xp cd is “out”…so please guys help….

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!sorry for the english mistakes….

    thank you

  18. Isi Says:

    Hey where da hell do i download the product key from for Windows Vista Ultimate coz i ive only got 21 days untill it expires and i need it quick.

  19. BSHER Says:

    thanks u guys r great

  20. Scott Says:

    thanks I need a key for Ultimate

  21. Jim Says:

    i want product key windows Vista Ultimate…

  22. eric peery Says:

    need product key for vista ultimate please…

  23. Himanshu Says:


  24. almasrai a Says:

    thanks alot

  25. almasrai a Says:

    thank you for your assistant

  26. almasrai a Says:

    need product key for vista ultimate please

  27. Amar Says:

    need product key for vista ultimate please…

  28. IONUT Says:

    i want product key windows Vista Ultimate…pls, pls sent to mi email pls

  29. mark2k1 Says:

    if anyone can hook me up with th eproduct key for vista ultimate!!!! it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

  30. Kim Larsen Says:

    Can someone send me the key fast.. i have installed Windows Vista Ultimate.. an the program ask for cd key..

  31. Kim Larsen Says:

    My email is

  32. Andris Says:

    need product key for vista ultimate please

  33. luckymentrix Says:

    Hee,, i need a key to,, i installed it on my laptop but now i cant do anythigng on it :(,,
    So does anyone know a key,, please help me!!
    add me on msn:
    so i dont have to bring my laptop away,, very thanxxx!!!!


  34. Destiny Jackson Says:

    I need a product key please. I had a new comp built with Vista on one hard drive and I am just getting around to hooking it up and guess what I found..I can’t use the Vista hard drive. *S*

  35. Cleiton Costa Says:

    My email is please….!!!!

  36. BIGKnarf Says:

    I’m looking for a working CD key for Vista Ultimate. Can anyone help me that would be awesome.. Great Windows!!!

  37. Mali Says:

    Also looking for a working Activation Key/CD-Key for Vista Ultimate. Anyone? Thanks!!

  38. Mali Says:

    forgot my email! 😛 .. Thanks!!

  39. mat Says:

    please someone Send me a key for windows vista ultimate, my email thank you.

  40. Martijn Says:

    I have a problem,need a key can someone help me please?

  41. ebrahim badawi Says:

    i want windows vista Lrmcfre_en_DVD product key .
    please send me . please

  42. Javier Says:

    Plzz give me the product key for windows vista untimate iz goin to shut down in 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tim Says:

    Hi dear helping peaple,
    today my windows ultimate stoped working and my old key doesn’t work any more. I cant instal my older windows cause he wont start up with on dvd. I hope on of you guys can help me. If there is anything I can to for u in replace I wont hazsitate!

  44. jazzie Says:

    i need the product key for windows vista ultimate…please

  45. Patrick S Says:

    This is for people who were on the technical beta-people asking for keys for free should not bother.

  46. timmy Says:

    i need product key please

  47. Patrick S Says:

    Hmmph…Message still not getting through huh?

    This deal has been and gone…looks like this thread is just a page to request an ultimate keys-Comments closed.