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Microsoft shows hatred for Google using Windows Live OneCare to hit out at Gmail

November 14th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Well… probably anyway. Not all “virus” are actually viruses you know; a lot of anti-virus suites pick up certain bits of code which could cause damage and they take the necessary precautions such as deleting the file or quarantining it. Sometimes JavaScript code can be seen as damaging which is unfortunate as all it wants to do is make something better for the user and I believe that’s what has happened in the case of Gmail.

I don’t use Gmail – I’m a Windows Live Mail user (but of course…) and only use Gmail for competitor reviewing and suchlike for my work. I logged in today and to my surprise Windows Live OneCare jumps in and tells me it’s detected a virus… actually on the main Gmail page after I entered my credentials.



To me, this tells me that Windows Live OneCare is incredibly good at picking up even the smallest threats (even when one might not be a threat at all), and that Gmail has unstable or insecure code. On the other hand, this tells me that Windows Live OneCare is too damn picky about what is a threat and what isn’t… and that Gmail has unstable or insecure code 😉

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Zune devices and service will hit the shelves tomorrow!

November 14th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

Just got a private email about Zune Announcement, its devices and service will hit the shelves tomorrow!!! Here is the letter.

Zune device

We’re excited to share with you that Zune devices and service will hit the shelves tomorrow!
When the team began on this voyage a few months ago their goal was fairly simple:  to create a platform that would enable new experiences and narrow the gap between artists and their audiences.  Digital entertainment stands at a transition point today.  By adding human power to the equation – both the power of the individual and the power communities we are excited to see where we this journey takes us.
To make sure they could compete, not only did they design Zune to be the best device and software on the market today, but they also bet on the basic elements to allow the experience to grow with you.  For example, by providing a rich screen and wi-fi in every device they added a layer of future proofing for new innovative scenarios.  And of course, they designed the entire system with the idea of ever expanding on the core principle of Connected Entertainment through software and services.

And speaking of performing, let’s talk about the music that is launching the device at venues all over the U.S.  Today we have free flash concerts popping up in six cities across the country.  Check out the post-show comments, photographs and video from the concerts available at beginning this evening.
We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of press coverage since we first announced our Zune plans.  Like anything of this nature a lot of it has been great and of course some of it has been critical.  That’s OK.  One thing for sure is that a LOT of people are talking about it.  Here are some quotes we thought showed an appreciation of how our social story is taking shape.
“Most analysts say this sharing feature – which Apple has yet to offer on the iPod – may form the kernel of an advantage that Microsoft will exploit to build a community of digital media consumers. Microsoft could also link Zune’s online customers with those using its Xbox 360, who typically sign up and use Xbox Live, an online, real- time gaming service.” – Kevin O’Brien, International Herald Tribune
And from today’s New York Times:
“There is going to be a lot of noise this holiday around the latest attempt to take a bite out of Apple’s market share — Microsoft’s Zune. The combination device and service is backed with a marketing campaign valued in the hundreds of millions, as Microsoft aims to set the Zune apart as a community-based music-sharing experience. … The debate rages over how big a draw this functionality (referencing the send feature) will be, but already Microsoft has succeeded in capturing a great deal of awareness over the product, something Apple is accustomed to having all to itself.”  – Reuters shopping guide appearing in The New York Times today.
So now the answer to the question that we know is top of your mind – how and when can we buy a Zune player?  Be sure to tell your friends and family that the Zune players are hitting the shelves in over 30,000 retail outlets tomorrow (the largest retail rollout of any Microsoft product ever).  

Sheri Sullivan
WinClient Communications Team


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Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0 Technical Guidance

November 13th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

The Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0 Technical Guidance is now live on
TechNet and Microsoft Download Center since 08/11/2006. This includes the
Volume Activation 2.0 Step-by-Step Guide, FAQ and other supporting
materials.  To view these materials online, go to:


Download Center:


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Office 2007 is on MSDN!

November 12th, 2006 by André Nogueira

I’m downloading Office 2007 Professional from MSDN right now! Go and get it 🙂

Right now only Office 2007 Professional and individual applications are on Connect. We’ll see if they add other suites (Professional Plus and Ultimate).


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Office 2007 keys available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads!

November 12th, 2006 by André Nogueira

Yep, the Office Professional 2007, Office Professional Plus 2007 and Office Ultimate 2007 product keys can now be requested on the “Product Keys” section of your MSDN Subscriber Downloads.

I posted a screenshot of what I see on the Product Keys section of MSDN. Now we just have to wait for the ISO! 🙂

MSDN Product Keys

Source: MSDN Subscriptions

Update: I just noticed that I can’t get to the Office 2007 Beta downloads, I always get an error message:

Access Denied.
Please try again later.
Thank you for your patience.

I do hope this is a sign that good things are coming!

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Dates of releasing Office 2007 and Vista on MSDN!

November 10th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

From my older post, , Office 2007 and Windows Vista will be released on MSDN 7 days after its RTM.

Here is the latest news:

Office 2007 will be released on MSDN on 12th Nov 06;
Windows Vista will be released on MSDN on 17th Nov 06.

On a side note,, and MSDN’s Download site will be having downtime from Friday to Sunday Nov 12th 4PM; till Saturday Nov 11th 10AM; from 7PM till 9PM Friday Nov 10th respectively. Guess they are getting the required servers and bandwidth ready for ROCK-AND-ROLL!

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Windows Vista RTM (Gold) Screenshots

November 10th, 2006 by Patrick S

If you are intrested, you can see some screenshots of the new Microsoft Windows Vista RTM build HERE. These screenshots also include the Windows Vista Ultimate extras that were a mystery in previous builds.

Source: Active Win

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MSBLOG Exclusive: Windows Vista is released to manufacturing

November 8th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

A lot of people have been whinging on for weeks now saying “RTM is iminent” and whatnot, but it’s finally (nearly) here. Windows Vista (formerly codename “Longhorn”) was released to manufacturing today. The final build number being build 6000.16386 (061101-2205) (which ties in with it being Windows NT 6.0) is almost identical to the last release candidate that testers received being build 5744, but with a few bugs tweaked out and some finalised stuff like product branding and icons being put in place.

Now, the “gold disk” (not actually made of gold, but some companies do) will be taken to the media distribution centers to be copied and packaged, then around the 15th January 2007 just after Christmas (and the sales…) it’ll be on the shelves in all good electronic shops.

For MSDN Operating Systems and above subscribers and TechNet Plus subscribers, you will receive the RTW (release-to-web) product within about 7 days. There is absolutely no difference between the RTM and the RTW builds – they are both exactly the same except one is available for download and the other one has to be bought in the shops. Please note, licensing restrictions apply and you’ll only have about 10 activations or so.

It’s already available on for pre-release, so you’ll get your copies around the 30th January to early February. Still waiting on an official press release from Microsoft – we’ll be sure to update you with it as it happens. Those on the Windows Vista beta will remain, and although Vista would have been released – the testing is still open for those working with Windows Server “Longhorn” which is set for release in the second half of 2007.

MSBLOG is the first site on the web to report the release to manufacturing of Windows Vista (contrary to other’s opinion) … it’s been a long time in planning and a bloody long time in development. Windows doesn’t stop there – Vista R2 (codename “Fiji”) is set to hit us in 2008, and the next major milestone of Windows (codename “Vienna”, previously codenamed “Blackcomb”) is set to hit us in 2010.

Update: The official word from Microsoft is available on the PressPass homepage.

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Microsoft Windows Sysinternals

November 8th, 2006 by Patrick S

Recently (July 18th 2006 to be precie) Microsoft acquired Winternals Software-a site created in 1996 by  Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell to host their advanced system utilities and technical information.

Yesterday Microsoft made all their old utilities available to the public (the free ones anyway), as well as some brand new ones such as Process Monitor 1.0.
Whether you’re an IT Pro or a developer, or even a home user, you’ll find Sysinternals utilities to help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications.

You can find the new site located here:

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3D Search coming for Windows Live?

November 6th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Get ready for a new dimension in search…November 7th “

Is Live going to have something similar to Google Earth 3D?

Edit from Zack: Good call Jabez, that’s exactly what it is… lol

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2007 Microsoft Office System Is Golden

November 6th, 2006 by André Nogueira

Yep, Office 2007 has RTMed!

REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 6, 2006 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the completion of the 2007 Microsoft® Office system code and confirmed its release to manufacturing (RTM). This gold code milestone concludes the largest Microsoft Office beta program to date, with more than 3.5 million people downloading Beta 2. The unprecedented quantity of feedback from beta testers and customers helped the Office development team effectively validate product quality and optimize performance. Microsoft Office RTM also marks a critical step toward worldwide business availability of the 2007 Office system, Windows Vista™ operating system and Exchange Server 2007 on Nov. 30, 2006. To underscore the significance of this new day for business, Microsoft executives will participate in events around the globe, including an event with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in New York. General availability of the products will follow in early 2007.

From: Microsoft Presspass

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Screencasts of all the Vista/Longhorn favourites are now available

November 4th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Jagshemash. As most of you know, I’ve been working on VistaBase for some time now, collecting articles and information into a database which is commonly known as a “knowledge base”. This is got to the point where I was bored and wanted a bit of a marketing boost, so I came up with the VistaBase Demonstrations.

These are basically screencasts, videos if you will, of me playing around on my mega fast new computer with Windows Vista, Windows Internet Explorer 7 and of course, Windows Server “Longhorn”. As far as I can see, this is one of the biggest collection of screencasts available under one domain on the Internet, and certainly the largest (even though there’s only a few) collection of screencasts for Windows Server “Longhorn”.

So feel free, go forth and enjoy. Let me know if there are any problems – if a video doesn’t work, just hit the red cross next to the link to email the problem to me.

Please let me know what you think – just hit “Comments” on this entry 🙂

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Hold on a cotton picking minute… Microsoft Max is dead? Pffft

November 3rd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Yet another old Longhorn-based project bit the dust today when Microsoft Max’s website was suddenly shut down and replaced with the following message:

“Thank you for participating in the beta of Microsoft Codename Max. Over the next week, we will be shutting down the Max services and our team forums. Over the past year, you’ve sent us tons of fantastic feedback that we’ve incorporated not only into Max, but into the platform layer with the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0.

If you’re interested in seeing where we go with these ideas, keep your eye on Windows Live. We look forward to delighting you in the future!”

That announcement will surprise many, since the team had released a new update to their project last month and Max seemed to be coming together quite nicely…

I want to say at this point, I find a highly respectable website of which forums are brimming with fun and knowledge and n00bs asking silly questions; I think they’re great. However I do believe this story which was originally posted on Neowin is wrong.

Windows Live will be one of the main supplier to the Windows Ultimate Extras. Other additions will be added, such as the “Aurora Desktop” will be added at a later date. Microsoft Max (speaking carefully because I’m not saying this is gonna happen) will be transformed somewhat into a Windows Live service, which will then be added as a Windows Ultimate Extra for download.

Still love you guys at JCXP – I usually have a morning blog-roll where I check out the broadest but best sites for technology news – LiveSide is one of them, so is Bink, and the latest addition is Long Zheng at Lovely 🙂

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Windows Vista Enterprise and Office 2007 release dates

November 3rd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Forget Windows Vista Ultimate (for a while, don’t forget it completely, for the love of God), we have things to release and they’re hitting us soon. For corporate and business users, Windows Vista Enterprise, the version of Vista designed for those who are in corporate network systems, will be released on November 30th 2006 of this year. Also with that date comes the 2007 Microsoft Office System, however disputing what the BBC says:

Microsoft will make available Office 2007 – its suite of business programs.

Whether that means the server products and the more “businessy” types of software in the 2007 Microsoft Office System is released with Vista Enterprise, I really don’t know. I think it means the whole Office System, but we’ll have to wait and see. The full article from the BBC quotes as:

From 30 November corporate customers of the software giant will be able to get their hands on the next version of the operating system.

Also on that date Microsoft will make available Office 2007 – its suite of business programs. Home users will have to wait until January 2007 to get hold of a copy of the Vista software. Vista is the long-awaited update of the Windows operating system that was originally slated to be released in August 2006. The software has been under development for more than five years. The release will be a simultaneous global launch.

The software is a major overhaul of Windows and updates many of the core technologies. New elements include improved security, an improved 3D interface, plus new sound and networking technologies. Vista, known as Longhorn during its gestation, will be available in six separate versions to match the differing needs of computer users. Three of these are tuned for businesses, two are for home users and one will be for developing nations.

Microsoft has yet to give details of the prices of the different versions but it has released information about what PCs will have to do to run the software. Many PC makers are now selling “Vista-ready” computers. In the US the software will be unveiled by Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer at an event at the New York Stock Exchange.

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Windows Vista Enterprise Edition is out?

November 2nd, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Thanks Leen Snoek for this.

Neowin is reporting that Microsoft appears to publish Office 2007 and Vista keys to Select license customers.

Along with the keys is a download entitled “Windows Vista Enterprise English Disk Kit MVL ISO CD”. It’s not quite clear what this is but since the download is 2641MB you can only assume it’s Windows Vista Enterprise Edition. The download was published a few hours ago.

On a side note, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Deliver Industry Announcement Today.

Details of the announcement will be provided during a press conference.



It’s Novell. See the webcast here:

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