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Zune devices and service will hit the shelves tomorrow!

November 14th, 2006 by kenlin@HK [MVP]

Just got a private email about Zune Announcement, its devices and service will hit the shelves tomorrow!!! Here is the letter.

Zune device

We’re excited to share with you that Zune devices and service will hit the shelves tomorrow!
When the team began on this voyage a few months ago their goal was fairly simple:  to create a platform that would enable new experiences and narrow the gap between artists and their audiences.  Digital entertainment stands at a transition point today.  By adding human power to the equation – both the power of the individual and the power communities we are excited to see where we this journey takes us.
To make sure they could compete, not only did they design Zune to be the best device and software on the market today, but they also bet on the basic elements to allow the experience to grow with you.  For example, by providing a rich screen and wi-fi in every device they added a layer of future proofing for new innovative scenarios.  And of course, they designed the entire system with the idea of ever expanding on the core principle of Connected Entertainment through software and services.

And speaking of performing, let’s talk about the music that is launching the device at venues all over the U.S.  Today we have free flash concerts popping up in six cities across the country.  Check out the post-show comments, photographs and video from the concerts available at beginning this evening.
We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of press coverage since we first announced our Zune plans.  Like anything of this nature a lot of it has been great and of course some of it has been critical.  That’s OK.  One thing for sure is that a LOT of people are talking about it.  Here are some quotes we thought showed an appreciation of how our social story is taking shape.
“Most analysts say this sharing feature – which Apple has yet to offer on the iPod – may form the kernel of an advantage that Microsoft will exploit to build a community of digital media consumers. Microsoft could also link Zune’s online customers with those using its Xbox 360, who typically sign up and use Xbox Live, an online, real- time gaming service.” – Kevin O’Brien, International Herald Tribune
And from today’s New York Times:
“There is going to be a lot of noise this holiday around the latest attempt to take a bite out of Apple’s market share — Microsoft’s Zune. The combination device and service is backed with a marketing campaign valued in the hundreds of millions, as Microsoft aims to set the Zune apart as a community-based music-sharing experience. … The debate rages over how big a draw this functionality (referencing the send feature) will be, but already Microsoft has succeeded in capturing a great deal of awareness over the product, something Apple is accustomed to having all to itself.”  – Reuters shopping guide appearing in The New York Times today.
So now the answer to the question that we know is top of your mind – how and when can we buy a Zune player?  Be sure to tell your friends and family that the Zune players are hitting the shelves in over 30,000 retail outlets tomorrow (the largest retail rollout of any Microsoft product ever).  

Sheri Sullivan
WinClient Communications Team


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2 Responses

  1. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Excellent post Ken Lin 🙂 I’m still debating to get a Zune or not… I don’t download music from online shops as I buy them on CD from the actual high-street shops and am still unsure if I rip them to MP3’s using Windows Media Player 11 whether they’ll actually work or not. Sometimes the more standard MP3 players are actually better as you can play many more file types as the manufacturers aren’t too worried about piracy.

  2. Ben Anderson Says:

    Don’t want a Zune? Want something very similar? I endorse the Toshiba Gigabeat S. It’s got the Portable Media Centre interface, but it’s more similar to WinXP MCE with the green and blue.