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Microsoft shows hatred for Google using Windows Live OneCare to hit out at Gmail

November 14th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Well… probably anyway. Not all “virus” are actually viruses you know; a lot of anti-virus suites pick up certain bits of code which could cause damage and they take the necessary precautions such as deleting the file or quarantining it. Sometimes JavaScript code can be seen as damaging which is unfortunate as all it wants to do is make something better for the user and I believe that’s what has happened in the case of Gmail.

I don’t use Gmail – I’m a Windows Live Mail user (but of course…) and only use Gmail for competitor reviewing and suchlike for my work. I logged in today and to my surprise Windows Live OneCare jumps in and tells me it’s detected a virus… actually on the main Gmail page after I entered my credentials.



To me, this tells me that Windows Live OneCare is incredibly good at picking up even the smallest threats (even when one might not be a threat at all), and that Gmail has unstable or insecure code. On the other hand, this tells me that Windows Live OneCare is too damn picky about what is a threat and what isn’t… and that Gmail has unstable or insecure code 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Andre Nogueira Says:

    I see it didn’t occur to you that perhaps what really happened is that Windows Live OneCare has a bug? 😉

  2. Andre Nogueira Says:

    Google’s response:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all of your reports regarding the error message in Windows
    Live OneCare. We have investigated the issue and have confirmed that
    this error is the result of a mistake in Microsoft’s product. Most
    importantly, rest assured that Gmail is NOT a virus threat and these
    error messages are ‘false positives.’

    We have been unsuccessful in reproducing this error and believe that
    Microsoft may have updated their system to fix this mistake.

    However, if you are still running into this issue with WLOC, please
    respond to this thread and provide the following information which will
    help us investigate further:

    – Your OS (i.e. Windows XP/200/Vista)
    – The browser you are using (i.e. Internet Explorer 6 or 7)
    – Any other information you think would be helpful

    Gmail Guide

    From: (Search for “Gmail Guide” (without quotes) to find the post)