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Dates of releasing Office 2007 and Vista on MSDN!

November 10th, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

From my older post, , Office 2007 and Windows Vista will be released on MSDN 7 days after its RTM.

Here is the latest news:

Office 2007 will be released on MSDN on 12th Nov 06;
Windows Vista will be released on MSDN on 17th Nov 06.

On a side note,, and MSDN’s Download site will be having downtime from Friday to Sunday Nov 12th 4PM; till Saturday Nov 11th 10AM; from 7PM till 9PM Friday Nov 10th respectively. Guess they are getting the required servers and bandwidth ready for ROCK-AND-ROLL!

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6 Responses

  1. Robert Says:

    Vista RTM’d on the 8th. Within 7 days would mean no later than 11/15. So MS is not keeping to the “within 7 days” for Vista on MSDN?

  2. OPML Says:

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  3. Jim Says:

    Hasn’t happened yet. Office 2007 download is not available on MSDN yet.

  4. Bob Baker Says:

    When the MSDN and TechNet sites were up earlier this afternoon (the subscriber parts are currently offline), Office System and Office Desktop Keys were available (I got mine!). It won’t be long now for Office. I suggest checking back about 4:00 PM PST. Vista is a different story. We’ll see. I suspect it’s a much larger operation than we can imagine to stage all of this stuff and then testing it before going live. I just wish they had given us a better indication of what the real downtimes would be, because it’s been spotty all weekend (yes, I checked frequently ).

  5. Bob Baker Says:

    Office is UP!

  6. Daniel Mendez Says:

    I was trying all day yesterday to get an Office 07 Key and kept getting error messages even though I had already succesfully downloaded the image. Finally at around 7pm I got a succesful request through for a Key. Now I am just waiting for Vista, I have gotten into the habbit of refreshing my subscriber page every few hours or so just to check on it.