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MSBLOG Exclusive: Windows Vista is released to manufacturing

November 8th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

A lot of people have been whinging on for weeks now saying “RTM is iminent” and whatnot, but it’s finally (nearly) here. Windows Vista (formerly codename “Longhorn”) was released to manufacturing today. The final build number being build 6000.16386 (061101-2205) (which ties in with it being Windows NT 6.0) is almost identical to the last release candidate that testers received being build 5744, but with a few bugs tweaked out and some finalised stuff like product branding and icons being put in place.

Now, the “gold disk” (not actually made of gold, but some companies do) will be taken to the media distribution centers to be copied and packaged, then around the 15th January 2007 just after Christmas (and the sales…) it’ll be on the shelves in all good electronic shops.

For MSDN Operating Systems and above subscribers and TechNet Plus subscribers, you will receive the RTW (release-to-web) product within about 7 days. There is absolutely no difference between the RTM and the RTW builds – they are both exactly the same except one is available for download and the other one has to be bought in the shops. Please note, licensing restrictions apply and you’ll only have about 10 activations or so.

It’s already available on for pre-release, so you’ll get your copies around the 30th January to early February. Still waiting on an official press release from Microsoft – we’ll be sure to update you with it as it happens. Those on the Windows Vista beta will remain, and although Vista would have been released – the testing is still open for those working with Windows Server “Longhorn” which is set for release in the second half of 2007.

MSBLOG is the first site on the web to report the release to manufacturing of Windows Vista (contrary to other’s opinion) … it’s been a long time in planning and a bloody long time in development. Windows doesn’t stop there – Vista R2 (codename “Fiji”) is set to hit us in 2008, and the next major milestone of Windows (codename “Vienna”, previously codenamed “Blackcomb”) is set to hit us in 2010.

Update: The official word from Microsoft is available on the PressPass homepage.

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6 Responses

  1. Andre Da Costa Says:

    Fiji is actually Vista SP1, R2 is actually Vienna. The days of big bang release are over Zack.

  2. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Well OK… I presume you’ve read that on Paul Thurrott’s site as he says exactly the same thing… but I’m being stubborn and not changing it for the time being – he’s been wrong too many times, my “sources” remain defiant over him – as far as I know, Vista R2 is Fiji and Vienna is the next OS from Microsoft after Vista 🙂 Thanks for commenting though Andre.

  3. Antonio Checa » Windows Vista has gone Gold Says:

    […] Rumors last Friday indicated that Microsoft had achieved RTM status for Windows Vista, this has been confirmed today by many sources, this is good news in many ways and for some it may be bad. Trying to be optimistic it’s my opinion that people have been a bit too hard on it, since MS has had several delays with the product and what not but this is something totally natural when a company is in the development cycle for a product. The MS staff over at channel 9 have a video where they talk with Jim Allchin co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services Division, where he demos some of the features of Vista and talks about some features which we knew about already and what it’s some of the vision behind the Vista experience.One of the interesting parts of the video for me was the part of the new set of group policies available to Vista, for example no longer will big corporations be afraid of employees walking away with sensitive company data their memory keys, as via group policy you can now prevent what type exactly of removable storage should the user be able to use and not.Another feature of Vista which has me really excited and is talked about in the video is the one of ReadyBoost, that will allow you to dynamically and dramatically change and improve your available page file memory in Windows by just inserting a memory key, for more of this you can read this excelent ReadyBoost Q&A from Tom Archer a product manager for Microsoft, ArsTecnica also has a quick article up about this technology and a couple of quick Google searches will spring up some interesting bits of information.The final build number being build 6000.16386 (061101-2205) as reported by MSBlog Posted by Antonio on Nov 08 2006 under Tech Industry | | […]

  4. Allen Says:

    Hmm, Actually Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo was the first to break the Vista Gold News, you see After he posted it I checked all the major tech news sources including this blog, Paul was first with the news of Vista RTM (11:00am PST yesterday).

  5. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Nah – he changed the times on the post – there was nothing on WinInfo or WinSupersite at midday – I checked myself.

  6. ahmed adel mohammed Says:

    i want to take the product key for the microsoft office 2007