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Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, Build 5808 vista_rtm

October 22nd, 2006 by Jabez Gan [MVP]

Microsoft has started the RTM branch of builds, the single sign pointing to the imminent release of the operating system in the very near future. Today, I will be taking a look at one step along the path to the final release of the operating system: Windows Vista build 5808. Like other reviews of the operating system before this one, I will discuss the changes between the latest public build and the current one under examination. Unlike other reviews, however, I will conduct the review on Enterprise Edition first, with Ultimate Edition possibly coming later.

To kick it off, I’ll start with who this edition of Windows Vista is good for. According to Microsoft, it’s not made for small and medium sized businesses. This means that many localized companies might be better off purchasing Business Edition for their main computers and Ultimate Edition for any mobile computers requiring hard drive encryption. The downside to this is that businesses have no choice but to pay for features in Ultimate Edition (Media Center, anyone?) which would be utterly useless in a mission critical mobile computer. Enterprise Edition is designed for companies which may encounter situations where they may need many computers with hard drive encryption or the Subsystem for Unix Applications (SUA) and don’t want to pay for unnecessary features. In other words, it’s basically useless for the end user and there’s no real point in having it.

One of the first things which can be seen after inserting the Vista Enterprise DVD is the non-existent EULA and the total lack of a key dialog. The text in place of the EULA simply states that the corporation must follow the terms of its license agreement and that if the person installing it does not fall under a volume license agreement, he cannot install the build. Thankfully, I happen to be covered by a VL, though I do not have access to any means of testing the various volume license methods.

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