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Windows Live Messenger 9.0 – milestone feature request

October 22nd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Whilst you budding Windows Live Messenger testers are fiddling around with the interim version, 8.1, there’s still another major milestone coming. Once a product has been released, they usually look for how it can be improved for the later version; with Windows XP, before it hit the shelves they realised how it could be improved for the next operating system, being Windows Vista. Even though Messenger 8.1 is to come out before Christmas 2006 (if all goes accordingly), Microsoft are still planning what’s to come in Messenger 9.0 which will be the next major milestone for this core Windows Live service.

So… what do you want to go into it? If you use any version of Windows Live Messenger, what could be improved – what doesn’t need to be there – what could be included? If you’re not a Windows Live Messenger user (maybe you’ve stuck with MSN Messenger 7.5 or use an alternative client), then what would persuade you to jump on the bandwagon for the new version?

Some things to think about include:

  • Theme of the client
  • Adding features that Messenger Plus! Live offers as an addition to the original client
  • Family Safety features – making sure your children and those younger are safe
  • Windows Vista and Windows Aero (previously known as Aero Glass) enhancements
  • Audio/video features
  • Virus and malware protection
  • File sharing and modifications to Sharing Folders
  • Video sharing
  • Windows Live Spaces within the main window (eg: blog directly from Messenger)
  • Windows Live Mail within the main window (eg: send mail directly from Messenger)
  • Added plug-ins and sharing activities
  • Colour functionality in names by default

If you can think of anything including, or a modification of the above features that you want to see in Messenger, leave a comment and I’ll make sure someone/many of the Messenger team has a browse around for ideas. Leave a comment below 🙂

Update – 23rd October 2006 at 17:25 GMT: All these comments have been submitted to Microsoft. As I’m writing this, I’m sending it as a transfer over Messenger… but keep the great ideas coming in – all of these comments are really good and with some confidence I can say that I think they’ll like them 🙂

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118 Responses

  1. Jazzy Zee Says:

    hey.. u no wat i tink.. der shud me sometink abt.. blocking.. i mean ppl block u.. but sum ppl dont like bein blocked.. so.. 1. if would be kl.. if we knew if we got blocked or not.. sumtink like dat.. or if dat person hasnt added u. also.. if possible.. 2. sumow stop ppl from blocking.

  2. Richard Sims Says:

    Messenger set to away when windows XP is locked (Win key + l)

    File transfers constantly displated (aka on the right between the display pictures)

    Removal of yellow stars by left of contacts

  3. aa Says:

    Please add an item to block groups not only block individual.

    for instance, in work hrs, I don’t want to talk with friends, however, off work hrs, I don’t want to talk with co-workers.Please add an item to block groups not only block individual.

    for instance, in work hrs, I don’t want to talk with friends, however, off work hrs, I don’t want to talk with co-workers.

  4. Hazel J Pope Says:

    I would like to know how I can discover which Live Messenger I am using as my Web cam experiences are not perfect yet.

  5. Hazel J Pope Says:

    How can I discover which version of Windows Live Messenger I am using as my Web Cam experiences are not perfect yet and can I connect with son in Australia?

  6. DÄ°YAR Says:

    ben basketbolu çok severim ,rock,rap müzik dimlerimm

  7. Karen Says:

    I would really like to be able to leave my own personalized status, instead of the boring “away” “busy” etc. Other messengers have had this feature for years and it is an attractive feature too many! If there is a way to do this and I have missed it, I would most welcome the information on how to do this. Thank You3

  8. katie davies Says:

    i love msn

  9. Chris Says:

    i wont to sign in on my account then on my friends account on the same window without having to sign out of my account. This would be helpful for when they come over.

  10. Josh Says:

    It would be a great idea to be able to turn emotions on or off to stop people sending things that are hard to read.
    thanks Josh

  11. Chris Says:

    With messenger plus u should be able to find out it people are appearing offline but they are active doing something.

  12. Florian Says:

    missing Features :

    The goal is to have “all in one” communication center.

    – Possibility to buy a phone number, like in Skype. (Very important feature)
    – Possibility to have a voicemail, like in Skype.
    – Possibility to forward call to a cell phone.
    – Possibility to have conference call, like in Skype.
    – The conversation log should be saved on the server. (to have history access anywhere, and backup when you change your computer)
    – The personalized emoticons should be saved on the server (to have history access anywhere, and backup when you change your computer.
    – Personalized Status.

  13. Arthur Says:

    Leverage your own technologies for once; develop it in sexy WPF! (.NET 3.0/Avalon)

  14. Tyler Swindell Says:

    I would like to see a lite Vista designed theme, a small app that runs quickly, not one of those lite apps that are so lite they are not even usable and they are meant for users who disable unwanted features, but a lite app that is a bit bigger than a Windows Sidebar gadget and has a unique touch to it, Windows Photo Gallery for example has a black bar below the titlebar and makes the app complete, I want to see that on it too, and maybe a flare somewhere in the theme too but this time it can be a bit hidden but still there, and maybe you can adjust the titlebar to make it a bit smaller, maybe a glass border around the window would be nice, because its better than having no glass at all or too much of it. I also would like it to be elegant like Windows Meeting Space is. I would like to see Windows Vista’s features be used by Windows Live Messenger, maybe Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger could have a new feature, maybe one of Windows Vista’s features could help out with Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger having sharing folders but with more features, maybe offline messaging can be better, maybe Windows Search could be better with having something to do with offline messaging!

  15. Ramón López Says:

    Please, I wish only for a best integration with WLMDesktop and more stability when sending rich mails (with so much emoticons and other metacontent).


  16. tony Says:

    Yes, video backgrounds for webcam would be real cool!I’d love to look as though i’m on Mars rather than in my dowdy living room!

  17. Kirst Says:


  18. Shaun Says:

    Windows Sidebar Integration is a must.

    The side bar is currently tossed onto my second monitor along with my contact list. Both take up a sizable amount of screen real estate and I’m sure it must be death for the single monitor user. One has to go in that case.

    Now I love both programs. And I’d love to see some integration between the two. There is infact someone attempting to do it:

    Very aesthetically appealing for sure, but, at the moment it’s lacking in functionality and responsiveness.

    Secondly, while it may alienate the non-Vista Premium users, I’d LOVE to see some Aero glass styling in there. You guys just have to find a way to pamper us premium users and still accommodate for the little guy. Please? Pretty Please?