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Taadaa! Get Windows Live becomes a little easier to navigate

October 22nd, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Finally – I think I speak for the majority of people who actually wanted to get Windows Live (even though I’m partly internal, but for the customer perspective) as now Get Live ( is a lot more easier and accessible.

Redesigned interface, easier navigation, and all the basic standard Live goodness all in one place. Say goodbye to the times where if you missed the /overview part off a URL then you’d get redirected back to Live Ideas, now it’s all swish and beautiful. But lest there is more – it’s not quite finished yet as it’s still being uploaded and tweaked around, but so far so good.

You can still access all the old URL’s and they still look the same for the time being (, Live Search, Messenger and Spaces)

Check it out now – or click the images below for a couple of screenshots.


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4 Responses

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    […] Zack points today to the newly revamped Windows Live entry point: – with an easier to navigate main page featuring the “orb”, and categorizing the services. […]

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    […] You may like to know that was updated a few days ago. Now you can point all your MSN using friends here, and they should get the Message. Thanks Zack! […]

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    […] Windows Live的一个推广类入口今日更新。页面使用了更为简洁的导航栏,以及不同产品的特色介绍分页。但目前中文Windows Live产品线还不完整。下面是一幅英文版的更新后的截图,大家可以对比一下。[消息来源:MSBLOG] […]