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IIS 6.0 Overtakes Apache in Fortune 1000

October 13th, 2006 by Patrick S

The Windows Server Team found a nice press release from Port80 Software, who have been tracking Web server usage among Fortune 1000 companies for the last few years.

Their report shows that, for the first time, IIS 6.0 has overtaken Apache in serving up corporate Web sites for the Fortune 1000. IIS 6.0 now has 27.0% of the market, with Apache on 23.3%. IIS 5.0 is still slightly ahead on 27.1%, but the trend clearly shows IIS 6.0 due to take the top spot very soon. A related study shows ASP and ASP.NET as the leading application server technologies in use on the same Web sites with a combined 48.4%.

Even though we are using Apache for this blog (for the PHP) Im a Windows Server person for life 😉

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