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Windows Media Player 10 Mobile – erm, what?

October 8th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

Windows Mobile 5.0 devices (which the new operating system I despise because it’s just the epitome of crap) have Windows Media Player 10 Mobile on by default which offers apparently a whole load more for Windows Mobile devices… other than the new skin (sure..) but I want it, and I’m not gonna spend a whole load of money on a new Windows Mobile 5.0 device because I hate the operating system on it. But look at what I found…


That to me, says that Windows Mobile 2003 SE can have Windows Media Player 10 Mobile on it… but where the hell is it? I’ve never seen a download and/or a Windows Mobile 2003 SE device with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile on it… and I want it!! Any ideas anyone?

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7 Responses

  1. MobileViews Blog :: Upgrading a Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Ed. Pocket PC to Media Player 10 Mobile Says:

    […] Zack Whittaker over at asks how to upgrade a Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition Pocket PC to Media Player 10 Mobile. And, the answer is:  Not from Microsoft. Windows Mobile devices are more like applicances than computers. The large ROM-based applications like Media Player must be burned-in rather than simply installed on top of whatever is there. These firmware based applications are updated by the device manufacturer (not Microsoft). It tends differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. My Dell Axim X50v device, for example, got its Media Player 10 Mobile upgrade with the large AKU2 upgrade Dell made available last year. HP and other firms provided similar upgrades. […]

  2. Todd Ogasawara Says:

    You get it in the AKU2 upgrade from the device’s manufacturer (if available). I blogged more detailed info on my site.

  3. Dean Wronowski Says:

    Hmm.. how much does pdas nowadays cost with Mobile 2005 ( i think 2005 is the latest)?

  4. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Windows Mobile 2005 = Windows Mobile 5.0 🙂 Same thing, but it’s prefered to be called Windows Mobile 5.0

  5. Ryan Riopel aka computerdude28 Says:

    Windows Media Player 10 Mobile isn’t as good as you might think… I used to have 9 and, just as you did, saw 10 and wanted it… The headphone jack on my iPaq got fried and I had to buy a new device so I bought one with Windows Mobile 5. I really miss windows Media player 9 now… I can’t really see any improvements in 10 except for a better skin and (did WMP 9 have it?) album art. The thing that really annoyed me when I got WMP 10 was that the ONLY Programmable buttons are the directional pad! And they CANNOT remain assigned to media player while in a different application! In WMP 9 I had the other buttons programmed to turn off the screen, mute, and stop… But I can’t do any of that now. Also, when I’m in different apps I have to switch to Media Player every time I want to change the song. WMP 10 looks good, But I liked 9 a whole lot better.

  6. Zack Whittaker Says:

    Changed my mind… happier with WMP9 🙂

  7. waqar Says:

    very nice