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2007 Office System – Beta program closes

October 6th, 2006 by Zack Whittaker

The end is nigh my friends – we know this much: Office 2007 and Vista will be released simulatenously, within a couple of days of each other no doubt. That’s it. Oh, and the name, being “2007 Office System”, strange from the norm as the year comes before the title of the actual suite of applicatons but still, change is good.

The beta program on BetaPlace will be closing on the 25th October, and as far as we know, the Beta 2 Technical Refresh (B2TR) is the last build we’ll be getting. Office 2007 will RTM (release to manufacturing – as in burning CD’s and getting it all together in boxes etc.) from the 28th October-1st November internal sources say. Here’s the timeline simplified:

25th October 2006
2007 Office System downloads are taken from BetaPlace and the Office Preview website will be shutdown.

28th October 2006
Technical support will transition from support beta newsgroups to manned-in market product support guys from Microsoft customer services.

28th October-1st November 2006
2007 Office System RTM’s – so it can all be finalised to box sets and licenses can be generated for final buying in the shops and on the web.

30th October 2006
2007 Office System is taken from BetaPlace ( and marks the end of technical testing.

31st October 2006 (Hallowe’en)
SharePoint sites set up by Microsoft to assist testing will be taken down and decommisioned, so anything you have saved – backup and remove!

Just to clarify:

  • No more Office 2007 builds will be available after B2TR (Beta 2 Technical Refresh)
  • B2TR expires on 15-30th March 2007, plenty of time to get a full copy of the product
  • Upgrading from B2TR to the final copy will be simple and integrated into RTM’d version
  • Not everyone who participated will get a final copy of the 2007 Office System – it’ll either be random, or it’ll be based on the amount of feedback given by testers

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Day Says:

    awwwww…I am going to miss this beta! along with longhorn/vista….ill have nothing to do when they are over!!

    I am sure you guys feel the same way about it!

  2. Zack Says:

    How about – going outside? 😛